Saturday, 28 March 2015

WINNERS & LOSERS By Pauline Scott


1. Rachel Doherty

The decision by Fianna Fáil headquarters to run two candidates backfired spectacularly and given the fact that Rachel Doherty would have been the only woman in the race and her proximity to the Roscommon/Leitrim boundary, she could have at the very least ensured that Fianna Fáil was in the running for a final seat. The way the constituency panned out on this occasion did her political ambitions no harm.

2. Ernie Keenan

Being elected Deputy Mayor last July, at the time Ernie Keenan could not have foreseen that the election of Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan to the Dáíl could result in him becoming Mayor of the county for the remaining four months. He has already stepped up to the plate whe Ming refused to say the prayer and now it looks as if his duties could be a little more onerous in weeks to come.

3. New councillor

Confusion reigns as to who the new councillor will be, who will be co-opted on to the council to replace Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan. It is believed that standing orders of Roscommon County Council may state that an outgoing Independent councillor can nominate their replacement. In the case of a party councillor, it is up to the party to nominate the replacement.

The losers

1. Terry Leyden

The huge drop in support for Fianna Fáil has to decrease the chances of local Fianna Fáil Seanad candidates, with Terry Leyden being chief among them.

2. Green Party

Support for the Green Party in this constituency plummeted in this election. Boundary changes mean that the candidate Garreth McDaid does not live in the constituency and there appears to be little appetite for Greens in the region.

3. Mna na hÉireann

The 31st Dáil will feature a record 23 women, but it was a safe bet that none of them would be from Roscommon South Leitrim, given that no women made it on to the ticket. TDs seeking re-electon to the Dáíl also appear to be greatly hampered if their Christian name is Mary.