Saturday, 28 March 2015

Keogh welcomes extra money for Monksland

Monksland’s Cllr. John Keogh, has welcomed the news that Minister Michael Finneran has allocated €150k towards carrying out works in relation to the installation of footpaths and lighting from the Monksfield and Monksfield Park estate to the new roundabout currently being constructed at River Village/Old Tuam Road junction.

Speaking about the allocation Cllr. Keogh said: “I welcome the allocation of €150k for doing the footpaths from Monksfield to Monksfield Park to the new roundabout. This stretch is not included in the schedule of works currently being carried on at the roundabout. I made representations to Minister Finneran and the Director of Services on the issue and am delighted with the news that Minister Finneran has sanctioned the funding to do the works.

“The Monksland area has been disjointed and disconnected over the last number of years with a lack of footpaths and lighting leading from the many housing estates to the amenities such as schools and shops.

“I have been making strong representations on this matter since I got elected in June 2009 and I am glad to see the progress taking place. It will enable residents to walk safely in the area. I will continue with my representations to see the entire Monksland area linked with footpaths and lighting, most especially on the Old Tuam Road, so that people have safe access by foot to the various amenities in the area, such a the Cushlea Park football pitches, the Community Centre, the shops and the schools,” said Cllr. Keogh.

“Despite the economic situation the country finds itself in, we are continuing to see progress in Monksland and I would like to thank Michael Finneran for his assistance, as Minister, in continuing to develop the area and I wish him and his wife Betty well in his retirement,” concluded Cllr. John Keogh.