Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Pool League results

Week 20 Results. Group A: Foxe’s 3, Lifebelt 5; Tower B 6, Widow Pat’s 2; Kate’s Bar 3, Railway Bar 5; Hollywood 5, Rattigan’s 3; Sissy McGinty’s 8 Larry’s 0; Red Parrott 3, Hollywood 5; Larry’s 1 Hollywood 7.

Group B: Silver Eel 5, Tower A 3; Cosy Bar 4, Charlie’s B 4; Charlie’s A 3, Hagan’s 3; Kenny’s 4, Kon Tiki 4; Horse & Jockey 5, Cheerz 3; JG’s 4 Horse & Jockey 4.

All outstanding games to be played before 25th February or else the committee will deduct four points off offending team or teams. The second last round of games which were due to be played on February 18th have now been moved to February 25th and games to be played on February 25th have been moved to Friday 4th March to allow outstanding games to be played.

The following are the outstanding games that need to be played: Earley’s v Lifebelt, Hollywood v Sissy McGinty’s, Earley’s v Rattigan’s, Rattigan’s v Widow Pat’s, Earley’s v Red Parrott, Cheerz v Silver Eel, Kon Tiki v Cosy Bar, Kon Tiki v JG’s, Hagan’s v Tower A, Cosy Bar v Central Bar, JG’s v Central Bar.