Monday, 30 March 2015

What women need

At one time people believed that all that was needed to make a woman happy was to give her a credit card with no limit. This was definitely a manís point of view. Now, women have changed and no one believes that a womanís work starts in the shop, followed by a kitchen full of dishes and ending on the couch with the children. Women of 2011 have greater needs and they are less patient. Valentineís Day is on the horizon and so guys, this column is a must-read.

Because women are different and some of them do not fit the stereotype, (I mean the ones that like extreme sports or elderly nuns), I am just writing a few lines for the typical woman because I donít belong to the former groups, so I canít represent them. So, letís go back in time and think, what do women really need? First of all, for sure, they need attention. It sounds simple, but in reality itís the most difficult thing ever. Every man in theory knows this very well, but if a woman tries to speak to him, he always answers ĎYes, dearí. Iím quite sure that all single men, with a gun to their head, will confess that they almost always pretend to listen to a woman and here, my dear men, donít think that women are stupid. We know well that you donít listen to us and because we know that, we have to speak more often. Secondly, sometimes a woman needs a little help, but help without having to call for it. For example, when it comes to the ever-popular potato, letís think how many of them a normal family eats every year, probably thousands and someone has to peel them. Of course, this task usually falls to the woman, so next time, when you, dear man, are at home and see your lady friend, the potato peeler, without a word, pick up a potato and help. This small familiarity with a potato never killed anyone and would surely save many relationships.

Thatís it, the rest, and I know that the list is very long, is the personal example of every single woman and they should be discussed in a more comfortable environment than a family newspaper. So, dear men, this year, on February 14th, I want to see you with an ipod on your ears, sitting in the kitchen, peeling potatoes. Of course, I donít have to remind you that the living room has to feature a huge bouquet of red roses, the kids spending the night at their grandfatherís house and a huge bottle of champagne cooling in the fridge.

But being serious, the only thing that women need is simple, being loved, but thatís probably the same for every human being across the world.

PS. Now I know the truth, after a consultation with my parents, I know that in last weekís column, I lied, because that red pot belonged to my sister and not me, so where is mine?