Friday, 27 February 2015

Welcome to 2011 ...

So, it has happened, itís hard to believe but now weíre into the second decade of the 21st century, but before we start feeling comfortable in this new year (remember that we constantly have to remind ourselves that itís 2011), we have to think about the last year. 

I donít want to just write about the well known topics, which were covered by the television and newspapers, for sure last year was extremely bad when it came to the economy and such like, but all of us were bombarded with this information so much last year that there is no sense in going over that ground again. 

In my opinion, the weirdest happening of the past year for people living in Roscommon and the surrounding areas was the terrible winter. This weather paralysed the entire region. It was a weird and abnormal time. On one hand, pipes were full of water and flooded in the most unusual place and on the other hand, half of the households in the region were trying to exist without any water. Again, on one hand kids had great fun with the snow, making snow men, having snowball fights and on the other hand people were marooned in the midst of the snow, waiting for spring.

During the cold snap, while sitting in my apartment, observing the water in the toilet which threatened to spill over into the living room, I was reading on the internet people from all over the world writing how Irish people donít know what to do with winter and you know what, I was really angry, because what should we do? Should we, just a few hours after temperatures have plummeted, rebuild our houses, or should we move the houses outside the town to the town to have clearer roads, it makes no sense. When I lived in Poland, every year, with a wry smile on their face, someone would write that winter once more took drivers by surprise. But in Poland, probably since the country first existed, every winter is the same, so no one should be taken by surprise. In Ireland itís different, itís a country famed for its green land. I donít know how it was before, but I am living here five years and I have never seen weather like the recent cold snap. Anyway, I wonder how the birds survived this snap, because the spiders were frozen, I saw some of them in their hibernation. One thing is for sure, the test of a cold winter is now over, how you scored in this test will become apparent in spring time. But one thing I am sure of, that no one next year will start singing ĎIím dreaming of a white Christmasí and even me, I will knock my head against the wall before I will write something like that. Anyway, one thing remains after 2010 and this extraordinary winter, itís the thought that I prefer to live in a green land and leave the white land just for dreams. Now I understand the sentence ĎYou have to be careful what you dream of, because it might come trueí, so this is what I wish for all of you in the new year, think about your dreams because maybe, in this new year, all of them can be true!