Thursday, 26 March 2015

Time to reduce stress

A few days ago at work, we had first aid training and afterwards I realised that a main cause of heart disease is simple, itís stress. So, if we want to minimise our chance of this serious disease, we should avoid stress. But we all know that itís not that simple. We get angry a few times each day for different reasons. So how, given that we live in a stressful environment, can we minimise stress? The simple answer, which comes into my head straight away, is just change this environment. But this is almost impossible, so how, living in the here and now, can we help our hearts. I have one proposal, I call it the yippie-i-ay method. 

First of all, we should start thinking what kind of place is the most stressful. Of course itís work. We spend half our waking lives there and in most cases, we canít change what happens there. So, if we canít change it, we should leave it alone. From my own experience I know that every choice for change usually finishes with more stress. So, the only thing we can do is to change our reaction. Itís simple but itís working. Iím trying it out a few times every day. So, the next time something happens that makes me crazy, before I open my mouth, in my head I hear a funny Ďyippie-i-ayí. I donít have any idea what it means, probably nothing, but the nonsensical nature of these words just makes me feel happy and puts a smile on my face. After that I become more polite, my heart rate slows down, and I can just repel the stress that is being thrown in my direction, mumbling, ďyes, yes, you are rightĒ. 

Of course this method does not work in every situation. I canít imagine that someone who has just received the news that they have cancer and just a few months left to live, can sing Ďyippie-i-ayí in their head. This method, because itís weird and not too serious, works with weird and not too serious cases. In these cases, huge stress can have huge consequences for our health and we should realise that the world wonít be better if our reactions are full of anger and stress.

I know that many methods exist to reduce stress. A simple one, for example, is sex. I probably donít have to write how that works but the fact is that itís a good way to relieve stress (of course for people over 18, because if earlier it can cause even more stress). But the problem with this method is that it doesnít really work in public places, so the first idea is definitely simpler.

So, I promise, tomorrow morning I will wake up and shout Ďyippie-i-ayí three times and avoid stress. Because itís not just that we have one heart, itís because without it we canít live and I have to confess that I know a few people without hearts, but this is a completely different story, yippie-i-ay.