Friday, 27 March 2015

Impressive medal haul for swimmers

The Comans Swimming Club ‘A’ Squad travelled to Mayo on October 24th for the annual Castlebar Gala with a team of ten swimmers for the first real test of the season over 100m Backstroke, 100m Breaststroke and 400m Freestyle. As usual, there were plenty of positives to be taken from the performances of the swimmers, with medals galore and good early season form being shown by all.

Boys 400m freestyle was first on the list, and Rhys Connolly, right,  swam a personal best (PB) for the event to finish 5th in the 14-15yrs age group in 4:51.68. The girls 100m backstroke was next. In the 12-13 year olds age group, Sarah Kelly was back to haunt the opposition with a gold medal winning PB performance in 1:14.91. The 14-15 year olds section saw two Coman’s swimmers make the five-lane final, Olivia Fullard was 4th in 1:16.99 and Leah Feane finished 5th in 1:18.24. Of those who did not make the final, Lucy Madden was 16th in 1:21.77, Sasha Hibbs finished 19th in 1:23.81, and Tymora Freeman-Stannett took 22nd place in 1:25.59.

There was another fourth place finish for Coman’s in the senior girls 100m backstroke final where Clare Geogeghan swam 1:20.88 having qualified for the final with a PB of 1:19.05 in the heats. Erica Delaney finished 7th in this event in 1:23.36.

Rhys Connolly returned to the water again for the boys’ 14-15 year olds 100m ackstroke and won himself a bronze medal in the final with a time of 1:10.94 having posted 1:10.02 to match his PB in his earlier heat swim.

After a short interval, the girls took their turn at the 400m freestyle. The 12-13 year olds section was dominated by Sarah Kelly, who had almost 25 seconds to spare over her nearest rival in this time trial, and was fastest of the day across all girls age groups, 4:38.91 the gold medal winning time, 2.1 seconds short of her PB.

Olivia Fullard was best of the Coman’s girls in the 14-15year olds section, finishing 5th in 5:03.91, with Leah Feane 9th in a PB of 5:21.87, Emma Ryan was 11th in 5:24.80, Sasha Hibbs 14th in a big PB of 5:27.73, Lucy Madden was 15th in 5:32.28 and Tymora Freeman-Stannett was 16th in 5:32.74. In the senior girls’ section, Clare Geogeghan finished 4th in 4:52.42, and Erica Delaney swam a PB of 5:18.95 to finish 5th.

The final individual event was the 100m breaststroke, where Rhys Connolly took his second medal of the day, a silver, when he finished second in the 14-15 year olds final with a time of 1:20.84.

The 12-13 year old girls section saw Sarah Kelly finish 7th in 1:31.63, but there was better news in the 14-15 year olds age group, where Olivia Fullard took the silver medal in 1:25.34. Tymora Freeman-Stannett was 6th in 1:30.37, Lucy Madden finished 12th in 1:33.06, Sasha Hibbs 16th in 1:37.24, and Emma Ryan was 20th in a time of 1:41.95. In the last individual final of the day, Clare Geogeghan won a bronze medal in the senior girls 100m breaststroke event when she swam 1:25.93, and Erica Delaney finished 8th in 1:38.81.

There was team glory for Coman’s at the very end of the day with victory in the 14-15 year olds 4x50m medley relay, Olivia Fullard, Sasha Hibbs, Leah Feane and Tymora Freeman-Stannett the gold medallists in 2:23.36, just ahead of a strong Sligo team.

Next week’s report is from the Cranny Festival of Swimming in Galway as the competitions continue to come thick and fast. Coman’s will be hosting a Graded Gala, in Roscommon Leisure Centre on November 28th, an ideal opportunity to come and see the up and coming talent in the club.