Monday, 30 March 2015

Paradise, almost

Last year I didnít travel too often. The only trip was a visit to Dublin Airport and the return home. The landscape close to the motorway is pretty featureless. Anyway, all of you are very familiar with this particular landscape. There are some trees, later flat fields and later you have the roadside art that I call the Ďcookieí and at that stage you are really near Dublin. Oh, I almost forgot about the thing that looks like a shuttlecock on the M50, which to someone else looks like a wine glass upside down. Some day I must check what this building actually is because unfortunately I still donít know, but letís go back to the topic.

So, last year I was really lazy and the only trips I took were home to work and work to home. Suddenly, last week, we had guests. My boyfriendís parents arrived, full of enthusiasm. After three days sitting at home, eating a lot, playing cards and watching stupid TV, they had enough. They told us that when they were our age they were more full of life and they were not as greedy as us. It was like an attack straight to our heart but they were right. So we had no choice, we had to organise a last-minute trip.

Before the year of the lazy bear, we travelled around Ireland plenty of times. Often when we were going somewhere and we spent a few hours in the car, it turned out that it wasnít worth the hassle. Sometimes we spent three hours in a really uncomfortable position and then we saw a small piece of beach or another old castle. The first time I saw the ocean I was really impressed but then after a few times I found myself complaining that it was really cold and windy and I am hungry and itís so far away from home. But this time we were motivated by his parentsí words, so we decided to go and see the ocean once more. Looking at the map, we decided on the first place that sounded nice and weird, Achill Island.

We drove and drove, his parents were really happy to see so many ships and they were impressed with Irish buildings. In my mind, I was already in my kitchen and I was dreaming of a huge bowl of microwave popcorn. Suddenly, something woke me up. Outside the window was the ocean but this time it looked more impressive than ever. Travelling in our weird little car, we ascended the mountain and we saw a beautiful idyllic beach. I am writing idyllic, because the water, for some reason, was a deep, deep blue. It looked like a picture from a holiday brochure for a tropical island. It was really cute, beautiful, amazing and after that Iím stuck for words. What I do know is that it was well worth seeing. This trip taught me one lesson, beautiful places really do exist in Ireland, sometimes we are just too lazy or we donít know how to find them.