Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The time has come

The moment has come. But I probably donít even have to tell you about it because you are already well aware of it. The wind is coming from the right, from the left and even straight into your face. Add to that the cold rain and the dark clouds and you have the perfect horror scene. So, with weather like that, I should be writing about how sad and terrible it is outside and how I donít want to do anything and how deeply depressed it makes me Ö but I have decided not to. On this terrible autumn evening I started thinking about love.

What love means I donít have to explain to anyone. Everyone loves someone or something and I want to write about the fact that there are lots of different kinds of love. Some of them are normal, others weird, some funny, and there are even some scary ones, but Iím not going to write about those, because Iím scared.

The first kind of love that I want to write about visited me this morning. I was watching TV and someone said that he loved his job. First of all, I was sorry for this person, poor man, probably lonely, definitely lonely if the only thing he loves is work. Later came the jealously, because I realised that itís true that some people love work, but of course thatís true if your work is your passion. For the last few days my passion has been watching TV and eating chocolate, I love that, but I donít think anyone is going to pay me to do it anytime soon. For sure, some people really love their job. What does it mean? Itís probably the same as loving another person, they like it, they care about it and they miss it when theyíre away from it.

On my journey through life I have met a lot of people who were really proud to love animals. Previously, I thought that I was a huge fan of animals, now I donít have any animal at home and that includes spiders and small flies, so if I donít kick the dogs on the street, I can still be a huge animal fan from afar, or I can say that I love animals because when I see a small puppy I feel really happy, I donít think so, but I know people who are very honest and they really love animals and I believe them, usually their houses are full of strange animals and when they see a homeless dog, they run to the shop to buy some food for them. This is actually what love is, caring, being happy in their company.

Unfortunately, thatís it, I donít have space to elaborate. For sure there are a lot of things out there to love, but nothing replaces the love of another person because now, when the weather is ugly, the most important thing is that when you get back home, someone is waiting for you, sometimes they donít have to ask any questions, just give us a peck on the cheek and know that thereís nothing wrong with us, itís just autumn depression and for that thereís just one solution, surviving until spring time!