Monday, 30 March 2015

How to minimise your losses

Recently I found myself in a funny situation. My cousin bought packages of waffles in a Polish shop and she discovered inside a 100 zloty banknote rolled up tightly in a foil wrap. She was extremely happy, itís worth about Ä30, but still we all like to win.

The next day we went to the same shop and we bought a few more packages of these lucky waffles. At home, we discovered that the same amount was contained in every single package. When we discovered this, my boyfriend was halfway back to the shop with his hands full of money. But suddenly I started thinking, this is unbelievable that one person would win four times one after another. We removed the foil from the money and of course, we realised that they were fake banknotes and on the back was a phone number to call with our lucky code. We had a lot of laughs about it, but the fact is that we were the losers. Suddenly, I was reminded of my story from a few years ago. 

One day I received a message that if I answered just a few questions, I would win something. I didnít use my brain, I just automatically sent back the answers. I was delighted because the questions were really easy and I knew that I would have to win. Ha, I was really surprised when I got my mobile bill at the end of the month. It was huge, but I was right, I won, I won ten free minutes but they were the most expensive minutes in the history of the world.

These stories didnít teach me anything, or maybe they taught me something a little different. They made me question how could I have avoided being caught in these scams. We all know that companies and other institutions are constantly coming up with new ways of catching us. They know that sometimes we are naÔve and of course they know that we like to win. But they hide what our winnings will cost us. Everyone has the same story to tell, or maybe even have a few other examples. They are funny but they show us how tragic we are. We can pretend that we are smart, but some day this huge winning machine will catch us. So, I think that we should be more careful and think a thousand times before we put our hard-earned coins into the slot bearing the slogan Ďguaranteed winí. Because the world is the way it is, we never get anything for free. Even if the coffee is marked Ď50% extra freeí, we still have to pay for the coffee because we just canít have the free 50 percent.

So please, this week, be careful. There are plenty occasions around the corner and one thing is for sure, we wonít be the winners.

PS. So, how do you play not to lose? The answer is probably simple, donít play.