Monday, 30 March 2015

Back to school

As usual, all good things come to an end and so too with the summer holidays and lots of young children and teenagers have returned to school.

From my experience, I know that I didnít respect the two-month break fully. By the middle of August, I couldnít wait to go back to school, I was so stupid. Now I have four weeks holidays in the year and itís not enough to do anything, but thatís always the case when we are young.

For every student, the new school year is like a new calendar year. Iím not sure how it is now, but in my schooldays September was a time for making new resolutions. ĎI will be a great student this yearí. ĎI will do more lessonsí. ĎI wonít forget my PE gearí. ĎI wonít gossip any more about my friendsí and ĎI promise that I wonít ever again counterfeit my parentsí namesí. Of course, all of this lasts for a month and then normal service resumes.

Very often, I am reminded of my school days and the weird thing is that the most important memories I have of school are terrible teachers. Because of them my school life was a nightmare. I remember my geography teacher, who asked me a question in every single class and I was never was ready with an answer. I thought that she really hated me, but now I know that the reason was that I didnít want to learn about continents and places rich in iron ore. But still, another person, who was not so terrible, remains in my memories, my Physics teacher. He was weird and probably not too normal, but he treated me as if I was his granddaughter. After school, he took me for bicycle trips and even sometimes while I should have been sitting in school. He really wanted to be a cool professor, but often he was just silly. He wore modern clothes, which looked funny given his old age. He pretended that he listened to young peopleís music, ah, it was a good time.

It would be great to go back to school again, but from the movies we know that it wouldnít work properly. Now we are full of life experience and we have grown up, maybe we would be able for a little madness, but we canít turn back the clock and be a stupid young puppy. So, I have to give this message to the kids. Remember schooldays are the happiest days of your life! All of your problems, like homework, forgetting shoes, after a while, they pale into insignificance, but who will listen to advice from some old woman? I remember when I was your age, I didnít listen to older people or even if I pretended to listen, it did it my own way. Anyway, keep your head held high, your bag in hand and remember, in nine months there will be more holidays!