Sunday, 29 March 2015

‘You are what you eat’

A few years ago I heard this phrase and I really liked it. But how it works in reality is hard to say. Certainly, someone who eats just vegetables and fish is vegetarian and someone who eats other people is a cannibal. This much I know for sure, the rest is not so easy, for example, I love spaghetti but I am not an Italian woman.

When it comes to eating, or preparing food or choosing healthy or unhealthy ingredients, there are lots of books out there. For example, there are a few ‘Kitchens of the world’ tomes and also smaller, pocket-size ‘Everything about eggs: 100 ways to make good scrambled eggs’, but no one has yet written a book about what real people eat and who they are. Today, I decided to have some fun and create a little unscientific lexicon. First of all, let’s write about spaghetti. What can I say about myself? I’m a terrible smoker with a lot of energy and a weird sense of humour. That’s it. 

Next up is the ever-popular potato. Hmm, it’s not easy, but let’s try. People who love potatoes are very often extreme type personalities. Once, in a restaurant, I saw a man with a full plate of potatoes and he ate all of them. I can also say of this person that his heart, after a while his heart becomes clogged with the starchy by-products rendering him unable to express emotion. Anyway, the potato eaters are still looking for a way to express themselves, so they will surely be great singers, writers or actors.

Next in the queue is the egg. It is a fact that people who like eggs are good organisers because if you want to cook eggs to perfection, for example, half well done, well done, you have to be patient and watch the pot watch in hand. These people are extremely patient, they never knock on the eggs to see if they are ready and later, very carefully, they remove the shell and the egg retains its perfect shape.

But what about people who like eggs, potatoes and also spaghetti? For sure, there are a lot of stories about these people. Some days they are this way and other days another way. Anyway, I have realised that my eating lexicon is not too comprehensive, but still I like the phrase ‘You are what you eat’. We probably have to wait for some culinary expert to write a 100-page tome about this. Then, we can compare my offering with what he or she will write and we can check if I am a good science fiction author because for sure, if we want to write seriously about food, it’s like writing about the future, for example, now I know that I’m hungry.