Sunday, 29 March 2015

Solar tubes from Resolutions

The logic behind the name Resolutions is based upon renewable energy solutions and the need for people to make a concerted effort, a resolution if you will, to embrace a greener heating solution.

Evacuated solar tubes have proven to be the most efficient of all the solar technologies, and in particular for the Irish climate. Due to the fact they are cylindrical in shape and are raised off the roof by approximately 130 mm, they can avail of any diffuse sunlight available, thus improving their performance levels during the traditional, less bright months, from October to March.

With this in mind and also with their lower unit costs, they make an ideal addition to any home. Under the Greener Homes Scheme initiative, grants of €300/m2 are available on evacuated tube systems. Typically a 30 tube system will carry a grant, if applicable, of €837.

Any solar system will work well on sunny days but the system offered by Resolutions will work effectively in inclement weather and cloudy days and let’s face it, we get more than our fair share of those. Resolutions will design a bespoke system to link all of your existing heating systems and make your whole home more efficient

Evacuated tubes are particularly good for retro fitting on existing homes due to their simple bolt-on design, no removal of tiles, no cutting of roof and quick install typically 1.5 days, giving minimum fuss but maximum benefit.

The solar tubes from Resolutions are available in 20 tube manifold or 30 tube manifold. These can be designed and combined to suit any home. Full kit prices start from €3,200, which would include pump station and twin coil solar cylinder. Solar systems from Resolutions are complete, including all fittings and pipework, so there are no hidden extras, and guaranteed top quality products.

The Resolutions name is synonymous with quality product, service and installation. Staff from Resolutions have travelled the world to source the best products at the best price so you do not have to look further for peace of mind. Contact Resolutions for a free site visit or for a full pricing. Trade enquiries also welcome.

Go and see a working solar system for yourself in Athlone, as they say “the proof is in the pudding”. Resolutions is a local business and will service your requirement. The showroom in Blyry Industrial Estate, Athlone features a wide selection of top quality boilers, stoves and solar equipment are these are available to see and feel the heat in a real working environment.

For further information, contact Resolutions, Unit 17, Block B, Blyry Industrial Estate, Athlone, on freephone 1800-332-332, call Morgan on the mobile on (086) 0656508.