Wednesday, 1 April 2015

News and views from Marta

The motorbike dream

Once again, I will begin by recounting a memory. As a ten-year-old I dreamed of having a motorcycle. It wasnít that weird. I had said goodbye to my dolls a long time previously and now watched enviously as my friends zoomed by buildings on these loud machines. When my dream was almost realised, one of my friends had a terrible accident and my father decided that he would never buy me Ďthis stupid machineí. Later I dreamt of owning a typewriter, but thatís a whole different story, so letís return to the motorcycles.

I became the owner of my first motorbike in Ireland. It wasnít anything special but still, it had two wheels. I bought my first scooter and now I know that this was a serious mistake. First of all I didnít know it would be so heavy. I weigh around 50 kg so I looked like an ant sitting on an elephant on this machine. After many attempts to sit up on it, I managed, but realised that my posterior is too light and too small. Unfortunately, at every corner I flew to the left and to the right, but I couldnítí stay in one place. After this experience, I thought that motorbike designers should incorporate bells on their motorcycles or just use chewing gum to keep people like me in the one place.

I spent just three months as the owner of a scooter called Sparky. I sold it not just because of this funny image created by mini me on a huge motorbike, but also because the Irish weather is terrible, especially for people who want to drive without the comfort of a roof. But still, I am a huge fan of these amazing machines and I am talking now about cool motorbikes, not about scooters for ladies. I understand the owners of super machines and I am a little jealous. Itís great to take a trip in good company without any plans. Traffic is lost behind you and itís just a man and his machine. So, what can I do? My friends have motorbikes and invariably the man has the motorbike and his wife has the children. On summer Sunday mornings, the men put on their helmets, while their wives stay at home and dress the children because of all of us have some quirk and my quirk today is to write rubbish, so I should stop and catch some man on a motorbike and ask him to take me on a trip, but not too fast and not too far because I donít want to enjoy it too much!