Thursday, 2 April 2015

Love, love, love

I suppose that everyone in the whole world either was in love, is in love, or is still waiting for the love of their life to appear.

Remember the words of the popular song, ĎLove is in the airí, but where? I look around and I see a very handsome young boy eating a bag of chips. Is that love? Maybe he likes it or maybe heís comfort eating after losing the love of his life? I look again and I see busy Roscommon, where love isnít immediately visible from the sky, but this is just a first impression. In the town, feelings are everywhere. For example, I want to show you one picture. I am sitting at the checkout in work, mechanically scanning potatoes, beans and suddenly an elderly couple appear. Itís nothing unusual, but they are walking hand in hand. Hmm, such a lovely picture. There is love in the air. I was thinking a little and now I know. When it comes to love, it doesnít have to involve a beautiful couple looking into one anotherís eyes, buying candles and red roses. So if not, what is it?

I think that love exists in the small details, the elderly couple connected forever through their hands, daddy pushing the twins in a buggy as mommy fights with an overflowing trolley, an engaged couple looking for the perfect wedding venue and a hard-working farmer trying to fit sheep into a car trailer as he thinks about the hot lunch that is waiting for him at home. Someone might ask, where is the romantic love? Is it dead? Not at all, I think that romantic love is just an abstraction, it probably exists, but it is really hard to say what it is. For some of us, itís a manís help with cooking potatoes, for others itís the flowers for no occasion, but I know some women who sneeze on encountering red roses and who get angry when men stick their nose into the kitchen.

Itís probably nice just to watch romantic love, for example, in the cinema. I have often cried in the cinema at the sight of a happy couple. For example, when I see the main characters in ĎThe Bridges of Madison Countyí, my heart is completely overwhelmed. So what then? A woman leaving this kind of film, may encounter her man in old shorts and battered slippers watching an old football game. Itís terrible, but maybe he is some kind of a home version of the movie idol and his way of showing his feelings is just to be natural.

A few weeks ago, I celebrated a birthday and my boyfriend decided to take me for a romantic dinner. What does this actually mean, a romantic dinner? That I donít have to cook and later wash the dishes? That I can order something that I donít like? Or suddenly I will have a headache and will have to pretend that everything is ok or even say that I want to fix my make-up when I actually want to go to the toilet. No way, itís not for me. Instead, we went to a take-away and bought a huge bucket of fried chicken and a lot of deep-fried chips and I have to say that it was unusually romantic because it was just what I wanted and after this celebration I was looking at my boyfriend, who was playing his favourite computer game, and I knew that I loved him. This is actually what love looks like and trust me, love is in the air, but it exists in the small details, in the hands of the elderly couple, in our children and in a bucket of fried chicken.