Saturday, 7 March 2015

When I grow up Ö

When I was small, my dream was to work in a flower shop. The reason behind this probably was the fact that each year, on my fatherís birthday, guests came, bearing loads of flowers. My sister and I had the responsibility of arranging the flowers properly at home. I loved that and often dreamt of being the owner of a flower shop full of lovely blooms. However, I will never fulfil the ambitions of those early dreams. Later, as I chose my school, I didnít give a thought to studying flower arranging. 

Children usually dream about professions that they know something about. I remember my friend from secondary school, after watching ĎDynastyí, she wanted to be rich when she grew up. I also remember another friend who sat with me in class, he had a very vivid imagination and claimed that his grandfather was Walt Disney, and he planned to become an actor playing with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck! I donít know what became of him, but I definitely know that I am not the owner of a flower shop.

As children, our dreams are simple. We observe the world around us and we think that the profession of those we know is something incredible and we dream about being like them. Itís a great time, because dreams are free. Later, life intervenes, and brushes aside our earlier wishes. We realise that itís not easy to do what we want and even if you are 20 when you have to choose your direction of study, you are not aware that you are choosing the profession for the rest of your life. Of course, I know of people that have realised their dreams as children, but more often what we end up doing depends on happenstance. Thatís the way it was with me. After four years working with one company, itís time to say that itís my profession. Just like that, I donít know how it happened, but I became a professional retail worker. Unfortunately I donít have any opportunity to use the skills learned through my studies in my work because customers donít want to listen to the history of the film industry, they are more interested in finding out where the bananas are.

Sometimes that makes me angry and from time to time my ambition screams at me and tells me that everything should be different. But very quickly, I return to earth and I know that itís just my decision. If I am honest, I like it. In work, I am someone completely different. I play the role of the girl from the checkout or a merchandiser and afterwards I become a columnist or photographer. Itís ok like that.

As you can see, childrenís dreams are not that dangerous. If youíre child is dreaming of something really weird, donít be afraid, life will counteract these absurd fantasies and after a while everyone will find their own niche.