Wednesday, 1 April 2015

match at a glance

Man of the Match: Donie Shine (Roscommon)

There were several contenders on the Roscommon side. Stephen Ormsby, Seanie McDermott, Michael Finneran and Cathal Cregg all had legitimate claims while for Sligo, Charlie Harrison and Alan Costello were excellent on the day. However Donie Shine is now the most important player on the Roscommon team. Not only is he a deadly free-taker but he is now a superb target man who can score from play with either foot. And the good news is that he is improving all the time. Ten points in a Connacht final is some return.

Crowd Watch

Almost 23,000 people were present, which was a great crowd and they certainly generated a mighty atmosphere throughout. There was a huge Sligo following but a very big Roscommon following too and they gave vent to their emotions on the field when the presentation took place. 

Entertainment Value

A superb game of championship football with two highly motivated sides going at it hammer and tongs. There were some mighty scores taken by both sides and there wasnít a dirty stroke in the whole game. A great advertisement for Connacht football.

Talking Point

The almost total lack of coverage given to Roscommon in the run-up to the game by the national media. They were not given a prayer by anyone. The comments of Bernard Flynn on RTE Radio on Saturday were especially hurtful. He got his answer on Sunday.

Referee Watch

Jimmy White did a reasonable job although I thought that he gave Roscommon very little throughout the game. The Sligo mentors were annoyed that he didnít play more than two minutesí injury-time at the end of the game.