Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Council honours civic stars!

Paul Healy 

Roscommon Arts Centre was the venue for a gala civic reception recently at which various high-achieving individuals in the locality were honoured. The reception was hosted by Roscommon County Council. 

  Cllr. Tony Ward, Mayor of Roscommon, paid tribute to all those being honoured. He told the award recipients that they were representing their “village, parish and county” and were being rewarded for the time, effort and discipline they had put into their various activities. 

  Cllr. Ward said that the support of “managers, coaches, their families and the community” should also be acknowledged. He also felt it was appropriate to remember the generations that had gone before, people who had built community centres and other facilities and who were “unsung heroes” who had never been honoured. 

  The Mayor also acknowledged that it was elected members of Roscommon County Council, people who know what’s happening “on the ground”, who had nominated the various award recipients for recognition. 

  Mayor Ward said that the achievements of those being recognised had brought great pride to the people of the county and he concluded by urging the young recipients in particular to continue to give to their local community in the future. 

  County Manager Mr. Frank Dawson said the civic reception represented the celebration of a partnership between the political establishment, the local authority and the community. 

  Complimenting those being honoured, he said that community achievement was being celebrated. The fact that one award recipient was aged “under ten” was inspirational. 

  Broadening his address, Mr. Dawson said that “we are all trying to provide leadership and optimism at this time.” The Manager said that he was hopeful that we are seeing the signs of recovery “like spring.” “There are signs of life, signs of a renewal of growth…we’ve been through this before, and we are resilient.” 

  Mr. Dawson said that all strains of the public service were committed to the development of our country and that the emphasis in Roscommon was on creating jobs and sustaining the quality of life here. The County Development Board and politicians were supporting businesses and promoting Roscommon as a destination for inward investment. Meanwhile Mr. Dawson believed that the ambitious target of increasing Roscommon’s tourism numbers by 50% over the next five years could be realised. 

  The Manager urged community leaders present – and the wider community – to “take a fresh look at their own place” and see what ongoing improvements could be made. “Take a ‘stranger’s look’ at your community and see what malfunctions can be corrected. Let’s all work closely together.”