Friday, 6 March 2015

Fallon condemns head shop opening

Local Fine Gael councillor Laurence Fallon has condemned the opening of a head shop in Roscommon town, describing it as “undesirable and unnecessary”.

Speaking following a protest outside the shop on Wednesday morning, Cllr. Fallon said: “This is a totally undesirable and absolutely unnecessary shop in Roscommon town and it is vital that parents are made aware of this issue.

“While this business is operating legally, parents need to be aware of the health risks which are associated with some of the products sold in such shops. The items on sale in these shops are disguised as lifestyle products, but in reality they are mind-altering substances which in many cases are taken to give the same effects as a number of illegal drugs.

“There are numerous examples of shops operating in other areas where serious health issues have arisen as a result of items on sale and parents need to be extremely vigilant on this issue.”

Cllr. Fallon also called for the introduction of legislation to deal with the proliferation of head shops appearing around the country. “It is disgraceful that this Government has been able to introduce legislation that would put a 70-year-old off the road if they drove after drinking two pints but yet it hasn’t been able to introduce legislation to protect our young people from these mind-altering products. This is despite the proven view that in some cases there can be a permanent health risk attached to them. Immediate steps must be made to introduce legislation that would protect our young people,” concluded Cllr. Fallon.