Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Elphin farmers feature on ‘Ear to the Ground’

A novel beef-tasting competition which was the brainchild of four local farmers will feature on the ‘Ear to the Ground’ TV programme on November 5th and 12th.

The competition began as a discussion one night in an Elphin pub by four farmers, brothers Paschal and Edward Cassidy from Raheen, Elphin, Tom McDermott from Elphin and Barry Donlon, as to what breed of animal produced the best beef, Aberdeen Angus, Charolais, Limousin or Hereford. The outcome of the discussion was that the four men decided that each would buy a store heifer and feed her for 12 months before slaughter.

The four animals were slaughtered by Benedict Morris and Ronan Gavigan of Morris Meats and were hung for 28 days. On August 9th last, the resulting steaks were expertly cooked by Moira Tighe of Cromleach Lodge restaurant. Each steak was scored on tenderness, juiciness and flavour and the winner was, well you can see for yourself on the two-part ‘Ear to the Ground’ programme on Thursday night, November 6th and 13th at 7 pm.