Sunday, 29 March 2015

First date faux pas

What’s the worst thing you’ve done on a first date? Turned up late? Talked about your ex? Brought a friend or your mother along?

Well, according to a new survey you wouldn’t be alone. At least one in three first dates ends in disaster as a consequence of a dating faux pas, or even plain bad manners.

Top 10 bad dating behaviour

Entrances and Exits

On average, 33 percent of men and 54 percent of women admitted to turning up late for a first date, with one in ten women keeping the man waiting for 30 minutes or more. However, 12 percent of women and six percent of men admitted to taking advantage of their date’s absence at the bar or in the loo, and leaving without saying goodbye. Some dates never even got that far: a total of five percent of men and women said they had turned up to a date, not liked what they saw and then made a speedy exit.

The Ex

Most people know they shouldn’t talk about their ex on a first date, but for one in four men and women the urge has proved too great. In a similar vein, 12 percent of men and six percent of women admitted to talking about previous sexual experiences.


A more disturbing set of statistics: ten percent of men and 14 percent of women say they’ve drunk so much alcohol on a first date that they’ve felt they weren’t fully in control of themselves. 25 percent of men and 20 percent of women say they’ve drunk nine units or more on a date. (The recommended weekly maximum intake is 21 units for men and 14 for women, with a two-day break.)

Yours or mine?

30 percent of men and 20 percent of women admitted to going home with their date, with one in four men (27 percent) and one in five women (20 percent) claiming it led to sex.

The Bill

Credit-crunched Irish are now more likely to keep their hands firmly in their pockets, particularly if the date isn’t going well. One in four women (19 percent) and four percent of men say they’ve purposely not offered to contribute financially towards the evening, leaving it to their date to pick up the bill.

Lies and more lies

14 percent of singles say they’ve lied about their age on a first date; nine percent pretend that they’re not dating other people, four percent lie about their job and salary, 3% that they still live with their parents – and 2% have conveniently forgotten that they’re not in fact single.

What’s in a name?

12 percent of men and five percent of women say they’ve even forgotten their date’s name.

Three’s company

Seven percent of women and five percent of men say they’ve been chaperoned by a friend or even their mother on a first date. One percent thought it acceptable to bring a pet, maybe named Gooseberry.


With all these bad manners going on, maybe it’s surprising that just three percent of singles say they’ve (further) spoiled the evening by arguing.

Text, please!

Four percent of women and two percent of men say they’ve called or texted another potential date in the course of a first date.