Sunday, 1 March 2015

Farmers warned over threat to livestock

Many more sheep and cattle on farms around the county are in danger of being lost due to the biggest threat of liver fluke in over half a century. 

  Thatís according to a local county councillor who has appealed to farmers throughout the county to take action to curtail the threat of liver fluke to sheep and cattle. Liver fluke disease is a parasitic disease of grazing animals caused by a flat worm. 

  Cllr. Martin Connaughton says several distressed farmers have reported substantial loss of livestock to him Ė and he personally believes this is the worst year for liver fluke since 1959. 

  ďI am appealing to farmers throughout the county to take action before itís too late. Donít leave it until Christmas. The situation with liver fluke and stomach fluke is very bad. Animals need to be dosed immediately, probably every month for the foreseeable future.Ē 

  Cllr. Connaughton said flooding caused by the extremely wet weather has led to a lot of stock being lost. ďItís very bad beside the River Suck. I have also heard that silage is badly contaminated. My fear is that many young farmers Iíve spoken to know very little about liver fluke and I am warning them that they have to act now.Ē 

  Cllr. Connaughton urged farmers to take immediate action and seek advice from local vets. He advised that stock should be moved to drier, higher land without delay. 

Issue dated: 17 August 2012
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