Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Facebook friends? Not quite….as councillors trade insults

The spat between the HAC and Independent Councillor John Murphy led to a lively and no-holds-barred ‘facebook battle’ this week between Cllr. Murphy and Fine Gael Cllr. Ollie Moore. 

  Cllr. Murphy lit the fuse by stating that “one year on,” the two HAC councillors had voted for a Fine Gael candidate (see story alongside). 

  While a number of people commented, things really got interesting when Cllr. Ollie Moore of Fine Gael joined the facebook conversation, accusing Cllr. Murphy of turning his back on the HAC “for thirty pieces of silver from Cllr. Tom Crosby” – a reference to entering into a deal whereby Cllr. Murphy would succeed Cllr. Crosby as Chair of an SPC in return for voting for Cllr. Crosby as Mayor. The following are edited highlights: 

Cllr. John Murphy: I have to represent the people of the Castlerea/Ballaghadereen Area to the best of my ability. I had an option to have the opportunity to get better for them and I took it, as you would too in South Roscommon.

Cllr. Ollie Moore: Yes, and tell your followers about the little pact you made with the new Mayor (Cllr. Crosby) so he could be sure of your vote for that position last month and how you sold out on the HAC and Cllr. Michael Mulligan....Cllr. Crosby gave up his €6,000 a year expenses post as chair of Planning and Development Strategic Policy Committee to you in return for you to support him as Mayor….otherwise Cllr. Domnick Connolly who resigned (from) FG in support of the hospital issue would have become the new mayor....so it took you 11 months to sell out John....you had an opportunity of a €6,000 a year position and that's what you took, be man enough to be straight about it….you cared as much about the people of Castlerea/Ballaghaderreen as you do about the hospital issue, like the man that went before you, full of hot air....

Cllr. John Murphy: I have done great work on behalf of the Hospital protest, I organised buses from Castlerea to the Dáil and I brought the Castlerea Brass and Reed Band, I covered the shortfall on the buses. What did you do? Along with your party colleagues???.....apart from close the doors that is.

Cllr. Ollie Moore: ……you jumped ship from the HAC and Cllr. Mulligan...if you supported Cllr. Domnick Connolly last year why not support him this year, as you said yourself fair play to Domnick, but money talks and honour walks in your books Cllr. John Murphy...I understood that you, the HAC Cllrs. and Cllr. Mulligan had a grouping of sorts….shared a common interest and all of that...you turned your back on them John simple as.....and then you had the brass neck to criticise Cllr. McNamara and Cllr. Byrne this morning as if you were holier than thou…really Cllr John Murphy ...I thought you were a little bit brighter than that!

Cllr. John Murphy: Thanks Ollie Moore, what did you do on the hospital issue?? apart from have a neck like a . . . . to look for the mayor’s job last year? It must be all about money to you, I don’t think that way. Mayor €35k plus. I always put the best interests of my area first. Castlerea electoral area had no representation on the Corporate policy group or county development board, now it does and I will work for them.

Cllr. Ollie Moore: Yes I allowed my name to go forward last year...and also in 2009....and you'd never know I might let it go forward next year, I'd consider it a great honour to be the Mayor of Roscommon and have served my apprenticeship having been a member of the council since 1999….and I haven't been any more successful in trying to get the A&E re-opened than any other public rep has….but I don't go around making myself out to be the great white hope....sitting on the high moral ground passing judgement on my Council Colleagues....and no, it’s not all about the money with me….but it's very clear it was that way with you....

Cllr. John Murphy: You would serve as mayor then for free? Is that correct? You have done nothing to have the a&e reopened.

Cllr. Ollie Moore: I have attended meetings and made representations at the highest level on the hospital issue….no, I didn't say I'd serve for free, there is a lot of time and expenses associated with being Mayor….but I'll be straight about it. 

Cllr. John MURPHY: ….I love this comment about ‘the highest level’ – where were ya carrantuohill?

Issue dated: 27 JULY 2012
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