Friday, 27 March 2015

Development of Dementia-Specific Day Centre in Castlerea

An exciting initiative is underway in Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, with the development of a dementia-specific day care based in Castlerea town. Negotiations on this development are at an advanced stage, and the initiative is being progressed by the Roscommon Older People Services, HSE West and The Alzheimer Society of Ireland.  It will provide greater collaboration and development of partnerships at a variety of levels.

   There is currently no day-care in the Castlerea area so this initiative will greatly enhance older people services in the area, providing a friendly environment outside the home where people with dementia feel comfortable and are stimulated. At the same time it gives their primary carer a well deserved break from caring and in turn assists in helping them to continue caring at home.

   A range of socially based activities and health promoting pursuits that are imaginative, participative and responsive will be provided based on the needs and preferences of people attending. A regular ‘One Stop Shop’, with input from a range of primary care professionals and agencies, will be held so that people can access information on services and also receive advice.  All staff will undergo training in dementia care as understanding the older person with dementia is fundamental to care and connectivity.

   This initiative is being co-funded by HSE West, Roscommon Older People Services and The Alzheimer Society of Ireland who will raise awareness and fundraise in the local community. It will initially operate on a pilot basis, but the resources secured along with the collaborative multi-agency and community approach to date has already ensured that this is a sustainable development for dementia care with potential for further roll out across County Roscommon. 

   Catherine Cunningham, Area Manager, Galway/Roscommon PCCC Services, HSE West, says: “We are delighted to work with the Alzheimer Society on this initiative, and it  further highlights the opportunities to look creatively at the services we are delivering to ensure that they are more appropriate and responsive to the needs of people with dementia and their families and carers.”

  Local Government TD Frank Feighan has said the progression of a Castlerea Day Centre for people with dementia will offer not just respite for older people but also provide welcome support for carers. 

  “I understand the development of this Day Centre, involving the financial support of Roscommon Older People Services, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland and HSE West, is at an advanced stage,” he stated.

  “By providing a comfortable and safe environment for older people with dementia, the centre will also provide a welcome break for carers. 

  “The West has the highest number of people with dementia (11,429) and County Roscommon has the highest share of people with dementia in the population so I am delighted this local initiative recognises the great work of carers and their families in Castlerea,” concluded Deputy Feighan. 

Issue dated: 13 JULY 2012
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