Wednesday, 1 April 2015

St. Mary’s Convent Primary School celebrate bike week

St Mary’s Convent Primary School in Roscommon had a three level course on cycling to celebrate national bike week. This consisted of a level one (classroom talk), level two (obstacle course in the yard) and level three (on the road).

  The class talk was all about checking your bike and safety on the road, things like wearing helmets and high visibility jackets. 

  The second level was going in circles and indicating at the same time and going in a straight line.

  The third level was learning how to manage the stages of coming to a junction and turning onto the main road.

  Then on Monday the 25th of June those who completed the course went on a bike ride around Roscommon town. They all were split into groups 5TH class  were in a group together and 6th class were split in groups. 

  They cycled around the town for a while and at every turn they had to signal the way they were going by hand.

  This bike course was organised by Roscommon leader sports partnership.

Issue dated: 29 June 2012
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