Sunday, 29 March 2015

Connolly or Crosby?

It looks certain now that the next Mayor of Roscommon will be either Councillor Dominic Connolly or Councillor Tom Crosby. There is still a slight doubt as to whether the Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday next however The Roscommon People understand that it is almost certain to go ahead as planned.

  Sitting council Mayor Eugene Murphy wants the AGM to be postponed until July because he was elected last year in July after last year’s AGM was deferred because of the crisis at Roscommon county hospital so he want to serve another month as Mayor. However speaking to councillors from all parties this week, The People understands that the meeting will go ahead as planned.

  Councillor Crosby has been chairman/mayor on two occasions in the past and he will be relying on the support of Fianna Fail and a number of the independent councillors. 

  Councillor Connolly left Fine Gael last year after the decision on Roscommon county hospital. He will be hoping to attract support from his former colleagues in Fine Gael and from some independents, and also the Hospital Action Committee who should support him given his stance on the hospital decision.

  There will be a lot of lobbying and representations made to councillors on behalf of both councillors over the weekend as the AGM comes up on Monday. Councillor Connolly has not yet been the Mayor of the council and he will have to attract the solid support of his former colleagues in Fine Gael, the HAC, and some independents if he is to fight off Cllr Crosby who is an experienced political campaigner and he is sure to be working hard behind the scenes to secure a victory this week and at the weekend. All will be decided on Monday in the council chamber.

Issue dated: 22 June 2012
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