Sunday, 29 March 2015

The race to be Mayor is up and running

There is confusion about the situation with regard to the election of a new mayor at Roscommon county council. There are moves being made not to hold the annual general meeting until July, however several councillors that the Roscommon People spoke to insist that the new mayor will be chosen at the June meeting.

  The two prime candidates this year are Independent Councillor Tom Crosby and former Fine Gael Councillor Dominic Connolly. It is also thought that the outgoing mayor, Councillor Eugene Murphy may also seek a second term in the job.

  There is no deal in place following last years annual general meeting at which councillor Murphy became the first Fianna Fail mayor in over two decades. Previously Fine Gael and the Hospital Action Committee supported Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan when he was mayor. However, since the closure of the accident and emergency unit at Roscommon county hospital, the position of the HAC is now fluid and it is unclear whom they might support in the event of a vote.

  Cllr Crosby is one of the most experienced councillors in the chamber, but he has held the chairmanship of the council on two different occasions. Cllr Connolly would be one of the most experienced councillors in the chamber not to have been mayor.

  Speculation will increase in the next week as to who will receive the support of the various parties. Cllr Connolly left the Fine Gael party in the wake of the closure of the A and E unit at Roscommon county hospital but as a long standing Fine Gael member he would be seeking support from that party and would be hoping for support from some independents from the HAC given his stance on the hospital issue. However Cllr Crosby is an experienced political campaigner and he will be canvassing support from all sides of the chamber.

  It is thought that the present mayor Cllr Eugene Murphy will be seeking an additional month in the position, as he was not elected until July of 2011. That will have to be decided prior to the June meeting of the council which is due to be held on Monday week. 

  There is also speculation that Cllr Murphy might be seeking a second term in the mayor’s job, although speaking to councillors on all sides of the chamber this week that scenario is very unlikely to come about.

Issue dated: 15 June 2012
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