Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Drop in construction activity in Roscommon

The National Housing Construction Index compiled and issued by Link2Plans (www.link2plans.com) has shown the continued drop in construction activity in Roscommon, measuring both planning applications and planning commencements.

  Researchers at www.link2plans.com have produced the National Housing Construction Index which examines every housing construction planning applications and planning commencements throughout the months of January through to April 2012. The Index gives a direct comparison with the exact same period in 2011.

  The research shows that from January to April 2012, 52 planning applications were submitted in Roscommon. This compared to 69 in 2011 resulting in a drop of 25%. The same period also saw a 23% decrease in the number of Commencement Notices issued in Roscommon from 30 to 23.

Issue dated: 15 June 2012
Roscommon People