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100 Years Ago

A Plucky Constable

On Tuesday last a horse, the property of Mrs Flanagan, Clashaganny, become restive in Mr Dolan’s yard, and ran at furious pace in the direction of the Main Street towards Miss Whyte’s and Mr Dooley’s premises. On the side of the street it got slightly upset and was thrown on its haunches. At this stage Constable Green, always on the alert, was on duty in the Market Square, and proceeded with all haste to the place and at once grappled with the animal, which he held down until our popular car proprietor, Mr John Mannion, came on the scene and rendered valuable assistance. The horse was then got on his feet, and with the exception of a few scratches was uninjured. A bicycle, wheeled by Mr William Watt, came in contact with the cart while the horse was running away, and was very much broken up. At the hour the animal ran away a number of children were on the street, and were it not for the prompt action of Constable Green in subduing the animal the consequences might have been serious.

Roscommon Race Meeting

A meeting in connection with the above was held in Grealy’s Hotel on Friday 24th May, Mr JM Whelan presiding. The others present were Messrs James J. Neilan, JP, KG McSherry, James McLoughlin, Hubert Flynn, George Geraghty, John Byrne, Michael Hanly, P Gillooly, P Murray, W Black, EJ Mulligan, VS, J Darling.

  Mr Murray reported as to his inspection of the stand and suggested the necessary repairs that should be carried out. It was decided that the repairs be done. Collecting committees were appointed as the same officials as last year. Mr Geraghty moved his notice of motion regarding the formation of a race company in connection with Lenabane. After some discussion, it was decided that a deputation be appointed to wait on Mr JP Mulligan, JP, and ascertain from him what price he would take for his interest in the Racecourse lands.

Popular Sergeant Retires

Sergeant McGoldrick, who was senior sergeant connect with Roscommon force retired yesterday on a full pension. Since he came to this town he made a host of friends, and the admirable manner in which he discharged his duties, as special sergeant, was all that could be desired. We are glad that he is in robust health after 30 years in the force, and we wish him many years of happiness.

Man Killed at Ballygar

On Saturday last an accident, which resulted in the death of a local Ballygar man, occurred in the area. It appears the man and his wife were returning home from Ballygar with a jennets cart, the wife having been seated it it, and the husband leading the animal. Some distance from the town they met a man riding a bicycle, at which the jennet took fright, and ran away. The deceased held on to the animal and the shaft of the cart caught him in the back and knocked him on the side of the road, and while in this position one of the wheels of the cart passed over his legs. The wife was thrown out and broke her arm. So serious was the man’s injuries that the priest and doctor had to be requisitioned. It was found that he was unconscious and he died shortly after the arrival of the clergymen. The deceased leaves a large family for whom, with his wife, great sympathy is felt.

Issue dated: 08 June 2012
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