Monday, 2 March 2015

‘Scrap or suspend household charge’

At Monday’s meeting of Roscommon County Council Cllr. Rachel Doherty called on Minister Phil Hogan to scrap or suspend the household charge because it was clear that the Government had made “an unbelievable cock-up” in the roll-out of the scheme and the arrangements for how people are to pay. This motion was agreed as the meeting.

  “This tax is now ‘uncollectable’ with only 25% of people having paid so far but most importantly, the Minister has completely ignored the issue of people’s ability to pay,” stated Cllr. Doherty.

  “The decision to implement a household charge has been badly thought out, poorly communicated and the Minister should hold his hands up on the issue. Instead he refuses to do anything on an extension of the deadline or even on the matter of using the Post office network to facilitate those who wish to pay the charge.

  “Every day this week Fine Gael Ministers have admitted that mistakes were on every level yet the fiasco runs on and will run on right up to the deadline on Saturday March 31st.

  “The notion that Council staff would be calling out to people to collect the household charge was the latest ridiculous suggestion to come from the Minister. All that would do is cost more money.

  “Also the idea that people have to pay the household charge in order to get basic public services such as maintenance on roads and footpaths has further annoyed the public at large.

  “Minister Fergus O’Dowd said this week that towns and people individually will be better off having paid the charge is an example of remarks that are continuing to fuel peoples anger. People simply are not buying the line that this charge is connected to services from the Local Authorities,” concluded Cllr. Doherty.

Issue dated: 30th March 2012
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