Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Feighan welcomes €2.2m in funding for Roscommon housing

Local Fine Gael TD Frank Feighan has welcomed the announcement by Minister for Housing and Planning Jan O’Sullivan on Tuesday that Roscommon County Council is to receive almost €2.2m million in funding from the housing capital allocation.

  The funding will support investment under the national regeneration programme, works to improve the standard and energy efficiency of the national social housing stock as well as meeting commitments under existing contracts for delivering social and voluntary houses.

  “I am delighted to see such a large sum being devoted to Roscommon, particularly given that the overall national housing budget had declined substantially in recent years. This money will allow the local authority to protect budgets for homelessness, regeneration, and grants for the elderly and disabled,” remarked Deputy Feighan.

  “For some time now I have seen a steadily growing need for more social housing, and this money will allow us to deliver bigger numbers of social housing schemes in a variety of different ways. In total, this Government announcement will see over €251 million being invested in these schemes this year alone.

  “Roscommon will see €1,708,587 being spent to increase the housing supply in the county. An extra allocation of €487,514 will also be spent on improving and regenerating the current housing stock.

  “This will include improving energy efficiency in council homes, as well as bringing vacant houses back into productive use,” concluded Deputy Feighan.

Roscommon People

Issue dated: 23 March 2012