Monday, 30 March 2015

Kelly, ‘Ming’ turn heat on Government

“If the Fianna Fáil members on Roscommon County Council have an ounce of patriotism left in them then they should immediately resign en masse from their treasonous political party,” according to Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, Mayor of Roscommon.

“However I do not hold out much hope of this happening as Fianna Fáil’s members have shown time and time again that when it comes to deciding between the party and the people, then the latter always comes a distant second best. The deal which they have now signed with the ECB and the EU Commission will deny us any hope of ever getting out of this hole. I note that Ajai Chopra from the IMF described us as ‘plucky’. Yes our government is plucky all right in the same way as a turkey is plucky. Now they have us plucked it is time to get us cooked.

“There is not one man or woman who buys and sells at Castlerea mart that could not have secured a better deal from Europe if we had sent them out to negotiate our future. Instead we got a deal which rivals that which Jack got in the beanstalk fairytale. We have gotten a handful of beans for our prize cow. However, unlike in the fairytale, this story will not have a happy ending. In this story we don’t get richer, we get poorer. In this story we condemn our youth to a grim future and our people in their twenties and thirties to the hard road of emigration. In this story we also condemn people to be trapped in unsustainable mortgages to a life of misery without hope.

“As usual people in Fianna Fáil will say ‘we should be positive’ as a way to deny the people the right to shout STOP. During the ‘fake’ boom anyone who pointed out that the economy was built on sand was told to go and commit suicide. They will get their wish now. Our suicide rate will rocket with the despair that they have caused. Some were called ‘failed people’. We now know that the failures were the very ones who were meant to be running the country.

  The deal done with the IMF at the weekend represents a shameful sell-out of the country which the next generations will pay dearly for, claimed Labour Party general election candidate, Cllr. John Kelly this week.

He questioned the motives behind the Government’s forcing through of the IMF/EU deal as an attempt to stifle the ability of any incoming administration to strike their own deal. Cllr. Kelly said the deal hammered out by Mr. Cowen will not work. “This bailout will not work. It hasn’t convinced the markets and Irish bonds remain at an all-time high. All the leading Irish economists have said it won’t work that we are simply pouring money into a black hole to pay bondholders without addressing the real issues.

“With Ministers and Fianna Fáil TDs bowing out by the hour, Mr. Cowen waved the white flag in front of the IMF – we were mugged and this Government meekly gave in without a fight,” Cllr. Kelly said.

“It cannot be described as the best deal for the country. It’s a shameful surrender at punitive interest rates of 5.8 per cent. And what’s more unforgivable is that not alone are we borrowing billions to put into the furnace of the rotting banks, but we are also putting in our own money from the National Pension Reserve Fund.

“This €17.5 billion could have been used for much more productive purposes. Labour had proposed just using €2 billion of this for a strategic investment bank to get credit moving again for small businesses, but now that is gone too.

“This four year ‘National Recovery Plan’ is the bill being presented to the Irish people for 13 years of Fianna Fáil misrule. This is the direct result of the blanket bank guarantee which we warned the Government not to do.

“The plan proposes €15 billion in adjustments starting with €6 billion in 2011. Labour supports the target of cutting the deficit to three percent by 2014, but we do not support the €6 billion figure for 2011. This level of frontloading poses a grave risk to jobs and growth. The EU Commission has already halved the growth predictions for the Irish economy next year – so where does that leave Mr. Cowen’s grand plan?”