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Why I’ve lost my confidence in Leo!


It’s a well-known fact I tend to lose things. Car keys, single socks, my patience, and my skin’s collagen density…need I go on? However, just as my faith had been slightly restored in An Taoiseach…following his brilliant couldn’t-be-ar**d attitude regarding the Brexit Bugle’s (UK Sun) childish and personal put-downs, I’m sorry to say I’ve now lost my confidence in him!

  And, what’s worse, despite the fact I’ve searched very hard to retrieve that missing confidence – harder than I’ve searched for Donald Trump’s scruples, and even harder than when I tried to find the square root of the hypotenuse while at school – try as I might, I just cannot locate a morsel of credence or trust in our Leo. It’s gone. Tá sé imithe! Why? Well let me explain folks!

  Back in May, An Taoiseach stood in front of this country and decreed that no woman caught up in the cervical smear scandal would have to go to court to fight for compensation. However, on foot of terminally ill Ruth Morrissey being forced to take the stand to detail (under what must have been extreme duress for herself and her family) the impact of her suffering, our hero Leo, responding to criticism, did his typical should have been “more clear” about face; making me wonder if the man to whom we’ve entrusted our country’s future ever analyses the enormity of his statements?

  Firstly, any citizen feeling aggrieved is constitutionally entitled to their day in court, both the plaintiff and the defendant; and I’d imagine if anyone affected by the scandal does go the legal route, the US labs at the centre of this exposé will strenuously argue their case, because it’s likely they don’t give a rat’s ass about these harmed women or their families. However, if it’s a case that errors were made and it’s crystal clear and proven beyond doubt who was at fault, proceedings should hopefully be straightforward for these ladies. 

  However, as there are 221 women (that we know of) affected, I’d imagine there may be some cases balancing precariously on the fringe of negligence, and, in that instance labs will lawyer up to the hilt and go at these extremely ill and vulnerable women, (some of whom are running out of time), with both barrels in order to strongly contest their cases.

  While currently, An Taoiseach’s latest stand is that he wants “all cases settled by mediation,” and has committed to a Commission of Inquiry into this horrendous controversy, I’d imagine the courageous women at the centre of this tragedy are placing their trust in Mr Justice Charles Meenan, and hope he’ll be the man to identify mechanisms to avoid traumatic court proceedings for them. I personally hope His Honour can come up with a more compassionate channel for these wronged women; one which allows them to gain their much-deserved resolution and redress as a matter of urgency.

Are policy-makers plotting the death of rural Roscommon?



161 postmasters/mistresses across the country are taking redundancy – leading to closures – and, sadly, by October, Athleague post office’s wonderful facility, which, I’d imagine, like all rural post offices, is the beating heart of this lovely community, will shut its doors.

  Now, for a government who insists they believe in diversity, fairness, equality and inclusion, it’s my belief that once again, when it comes to Roscommon and the fantastically resilient people living in this county, all of those non-discriminatory sentiments are just a big pile of hot steaming cow dung! Instead, like a group of over-fed predators, too greedy to rise, open their walk-in wallets and save us, I imagine the policy-makers conspire, plot and plan the death of our rural communities.

  Look, maybe I’m being a drama queen, but I’m beginning to worry our government is trying to airbrush us Rossies out of Ireland’s overall landscape, while they concentrate on making everyone gravitate towards big cities! I mean, when you look at it, there’s a fair bit of circumstantial evidence here…let’s examine it. They did away with our banks, they closed down our Garda stations, and they don’t deem us worthy of having high-speed broadband.  

  One by one, service by vital service and closure by closure, our government is alienating us; trying to break us, and, by terminating another of our post offices they’re simply pounding another nail into Roscommon’s coffin. It’s about time we reminded our Ministers that, come election time, if they expect Roscommon to be there for them, then they’d better be there for us!

I’m sick of attention-seeking earth mothers!

French-based mother Sarah Schmid, the woman who filmed herself giving birth to her sixth child alone and naked in her back garden without any medical aid or pain relief, and then released the footage on the internet where over 1.4 million viewers, (including her five other kids), watched it, proclaimed last week she’d found the experience  “empowering” for women!

  I’m sorry love, but while you may be hoping for a call from the Vatican for your halo-fitting, I believe any woman who finds giving birth without medical assistance or pain relief ‘empowering’ has inhaled too much gripe water! Now I admit I refused pain relief during my two births because I was concerned the drugs would hurt my unborn babies. In hindsight, I was a dope.

  Childbirth is a personal experience for all women. I’m sick of these earth mother types trying to force the au natural is best, just run to the cabbage patch, bear down, push hard and out pops a kid c**p on us! If you’re really desperate for attention Sarah, why not really ‘empower’ women by enlightening them to the post-partum haemorrhoids, the lactation leaks and the lifelong kid-career juggling that lasts ‘till they leave home!


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