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We’re suffering from happy holiday hangover syndrome!


Earlier this year, hubby and myself decided to spend New Year’s Eve abroad…well I decided, hubby, bless him, finds life’s easier if he just goes along with my little plans and schemes. And, once I’d worn him down, I found myself chatting with what must be one of the most patient women in County Roscommon, Anita in East West Travel, who expertly booked us on a holiday in South Tenerife’s resort of Los Cristianos. 

  As usual, I’d already done my research and decided that the year round sunshine of South Tenerife would give us the ideal opportunity to relax and unwind, something I personally needed having just hosted a very busy but wonderful Christmas for our entire family where Santa visited our home for the first time since we’d arrived in Roscommon. I also decided that the more grown-up and sophisticated resort of Los Cristianos would suit our personal needs for a quiet, get-away-from-it-all break; and I was correct!

  For readers who may be forward planning a bit of winter sun, rest and relaxation I cannot recommend Los Cristianos highly enough; especially if you plan to visit in December/January for its glorious weather, its abundance of restaurants, shops, markets, bars, and of course  its array of family focused activities, such as the spectacular fireworks display on New Year’s Eve and the flamboyant Los Reyes Magos (the three kings) who paraded across every town in Tenerife kicking off what was a magical night of entertainment to celebrate Spain’s Christmas Day which occurs on 6th January. 

  Now while there are a multitude of family/couple focused day trips on offer to water parks, theme parks and so-called zoos etc., the problem I have with these attractions is the fact that animals are held in captivity and then forced to perform against their will in the name of entertaining unsuspecting and naïve  tourists. You see, as someone who doesn’t agree with using animals for our entertainment purposes I will always steer clear of such ‘attractions,’ however, everyone to their own and all that.

  We did go quad biking two thirds the way up Mount Teide’s spectacular 3,718-metre summit, which is said to be the highest point in Spain, attracting approximately three million tourists each year. And, despite the fact there were rumours as recent as last November that Mount Teide’s volcano could be about to erupt at any time given a series of 22 earthquakes had hit the little village of Vilaflor, we still decided to don our helmets, jump on our quads and give it a go. It was expensive but it was fab; and, for all the world, felt like we’d just landed on Mars. Be warned folks, this trip is not for the faint hearted or for anyone who may have mobility issues.

  We also booked ourselves on other sight-seeing tours and shopping trips; all of which we thoroughly enjoyed and we went out on an educational, controlled, sensitive and totally humane whale watching boat trip with an amazing guide. I was so moved by these innocent, stunning and spell-binding creatures (who are constantly under threat from abusive humans), I cried like a baby as I realised our need to protect them has never been greater.

  All in all, we arrived home from our New Year break exhausted but happy (even if we’re now both suffering the effects of the holiday hangover due to excessive eating and drinking).

  So, if you’re thinking of heading off to the sun next Christmas/New Year, seize the opportunity and start planning it now. A big thanks goes to the extremely well organised and always efficient Anita for her professionalism. For me, peace of mind is priceless when booking a holiday, that’s why I’ll always choose my local travel agent.


Get ready for the ‘against-all-odds’ freak fest extravaganza!


Not sure about you folks but I’m looking forward to TV3’s or should I say Virgin Media Television’s, (given last week’s announced re-branding initiative) Ireland’s Got Talent reality show; one of the new additions to the station’s 2018 roster. 

  Now a biggie for me is the fact my aul pal the fab Louis Walsh is part of the judging panel, (love Louis), as well as the drop-dead gorgeous diva that is Michelle Visage…OMG readers, give me a second while I just…Aaaaggghhh! Ms Visage may describe herself as “a drag queen” but she’s not a man, nor is she transgender, in fact she’s a 100 per cent cis-gender woman. Confused? Don’t be, the phrase simply relates to those whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex…but it sounds very exotic doesn’t it.

  Anyhow, the show starts on Saturday, February 3rd, and it’s bound to be a freak fest of ‘against all odds’ sob stories, egged on by the initial  bloodthirsty hissing and booing studio audience who’ll suddenly morph into lighter waving drunks on a hen/stag beano while some eejit humiliates themselves live on stage. Oooh I’ll be glued to me telly. Seriously, the only low point for me will be the boring, robotic and perfect cure for insomnia, Lucy Kennedy, who’s hosting the show.


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