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Is Leo backing himself into a corner with that letter?


There’s nothing like a big family row to let the neighbours know you’re back from your holliers! And, that confidence and supply request letter from Leo to Micheál, which, in what I’d consider to be a highly provocative move, was published on social media, told us two things; one, Leo’s back from his trip down Self-Satisfied Lane, and two, Micheál, with true Fianna Fáil melancholic acerbity, told him to sling his hook! 

  Soooo, what’s da story folks, will we be going to the polls in the next few weeks or was Leo just trying to yank Micheál’s panic chain and test the waters?

  You see, as Leo’s ahead in the polls, he may be thinking Fine Gael is election-ready, what with their strategy, a list of willing, photo-op eager candidates and a manifesto (refer to eleven-page tweeted letter), longer than Tolstoy’s War and Peace. But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of an early general election, and examine whether Leo’s backing himself into a corner, or indeed, if he’s just being very clever.

  Now, I’m no political reporter, and I’ve never pretended to be, but I believe if we have a general election early in the winter of 2019, (and January is always a bleak month), it’s likely Leo’s popularity points would plummet, given the annual hospital trolley waiting lists which are bound to soar, not to mention the homeless figures that are rising by the day, and sure throw March and Brexit into the mix and you’ve got Leo and the troops spiralling downwards into an acutely awkward situation – and you know what, I for one will have no sympathy for him; and this is why…

  Last week, proving you’re never too handsome to do something stupid, our leader, in typical ‘kick the can’ strategy, told us his carefully thought-out effort, nay cunning plan, to win over voters is to establish a new body called the Land Development Agency whose function it will be to build new homes, thus tackling the shameful housing crisis. So, on the basis of his previous performances, including this, more-plans-no-action manifesto, it’s clear our limelight-grabber and Taoiseach career-juggler leader, is, disappointingly, still dropping everything!

  Then again, some mistakes are just too much fun to make only the once, and, as we’ve had these failed quangos, oops, sorry agencies before, allowing past governments to hoodwink us by employing the typical Irish method of throwing money at a useless body in the hope it’ll deflect their stupidity, it’s up to us, the voters, not to fall into that trap again. We must insist our government issues a clear directive to local authorities to get out and build homes on the thousands of acres of vacant land, which we, the taxpayers already own. I mean, it’s probably the only solution to put an end to our chronic housing crisis!

  Oh and while you’re at it folks, when those TDs knock on your door, maybe you could ask them about their great rapid build blueprint of 2016? Or do you even remember that great housing hub solution? It was going to take two years to complete. Well apparently it’ll be 2020 before we see a completed house!  Look folks, hand on heart, I know sometimes I may seem as daft as a box of hair, but even I could knock up a quick build in less than four years!


Well done to all at Athleague National School…proud of you!


Last week’s edition featured the adorable pupils from Athleague National School who were showing their support for the campaign to keep Athleague Post Office open, and I’d like to say a massive well done to principal Avril Egan and her caring staff for taking the initiative to ask the children to compose individual letters to Communications Minister Denis Naughten in a bid to highlight why our rural post offices are so important to us all as a community. 

  One of those letters was written by the charming Mr. Patrick Ely, (10), and I have it on reliable terms, (lovely aunty Lucy), that young Patrick’s darling 91-year-old grandmother uses the threatened services of Athleague Post Office to collect her pension and pay her bills! Now, despite the fact that, due to their young age, Patrick and his peers are clearly emotionally unprepared to truly understand the hardships resulting from the closure of his local post office, nevertheless, his heartfelt letter is living proof that he’s a caring, articulate adult in the making; well done to his parents for doing such a great job!

  You see, refusing to allow a mandate from a powerful Minister to hold them back, Patrick and his pals from Athleague National School, asked our lovely Mr. Naughten to explain to them why this vital service must be axed, with this young man going so far as to try to invent solutions for a government who continuously insist there aren’t any. He does this by cleverly drawing attention to the other vital services in Athleague which he rightly believes will surely become negatively affected by the inevitable loss of footfall created by the post office’s closure.

  Well Patrick Ely, if you ever decide to run as a local independent candidate for public office, I’ll launch your campaign for you young man! And may I add, nicely done kids, you’re all a credit to your parents, your families and to your school.


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