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I’m glad honourable Denis jumped before he was pushed



Whether it’s your own decision to move on or whether it’s the gaffer’s decision to push you, the fact is, you need to go with your head held high and your pride intact. And, while I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I do not know former Minister Denis Naughten personally, watching his resignation – which, by the way came as no shock to me having heard Leo Varadkar’s TV3 interview where, in my opinion, he all but held aloft Denis’ P45 for everyone to see – I’m glad he jumped ship before he was pushed.

  It was the honourable and the in-yer-face Leo, thing to do. Fair play to ya Denis! And while doing so, he may have alienated some Rossies, (understandable), Denis hasn’t alienated them all, and he certainly hasn’t alienated this adopted Rossie, who loves nothing more than a fighter and a survivor; especially when it’s one whom, like Naughten, tries hard not to portray themselves as a vengeful sore loser; something which I believe will only serve to benefit his career going forward.

  I don’t need to explain, because unless you were living under a rock, you’ll have been aware of the mounting pressure on Naughten following revelations about several private, unminuted  dinners with the head of the one remaining group bidding for the highly lucrative, (in fact €500 million) National Broadband Plan (NBP) contract.  Add to that, the reasonably priced Dáil lunch – paid for by Naughten – which now turns out to have cost much more than he’d bargained for.

  In addition, if you cast your mind back to April when news of the now infamous and inappropriate contact Denis had in November 2016 with a lobbyist who was acting for Independent News & Media in relation to a proposed takeover bid of the Celtic Media group, then – playing devil’s advocate here – I’d say, in all fairness to Leo, (and I like to think I’m fair-minded), I can see why he probably felt his former Minister had dropped the ball one too many times lately.

  Now while I firmly believe Naughten behaved unwisely, it has to be said he was in an impossible situation, one where a key part of his remit was to provide broadband for the one million plus people who were depending on him. So in my opinion, the poor man was simply trying to do his level best regarding a set of circumstances that were doomed and flawed the very second Eir was allowed to cherry-pick the cream of the crop of customers, propelling the rest of us, (550,000, but I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong), into broadband purgatory.

  Actually, while I’m at it…can I just ask why nobody is going ballistic over that massive betrayal? I mean, why aren’t we all furious over the fact our government, (sorry, our inclusive, fair-minded, reforming government), abdicated its duty to make sure this vital service reached all taxpayers equally, and not just the select few? Or is it far easier to make one man – whose fate was cruelly sealed when he was left with little or no choice – the country’s punchbag? I have no inside knowledge, but I do believe that Naughten engaged with the only entity left in the tendering process for one reason, and one reason only, and that is, nobody wanted to begin the entire painful competitive process from scratch, and, having no other route open to him other than to see this debacle through to its conclusion, and secure us our broadband, he tried hard to break down barriers and keep the remaining contract bidder on side! 

  Denis Naughten, you appear to me to be an affable and a decent gentleman; you hold your head high, hon; you may be down, but you’re not out. I wish you well.


Imagine a world with superhero Kanye as POTUS!


Love him, loathe him or think as I do that he’s an over-rated ass-kisser with way too much influence and money, it’s clear that Kanye West’s or ‘Ye’ as he wants to be known, circus (esque) meeting with fellow narcissist Donald Trump in the Oval Office last week smacked more of two attention-seeking man-children desperate to show the world that they’re a pair of prize prats!

  You see readers, as human beings were fighting for their very survival during Hurricane Michael, West, the man who seems to believe he has so much God-given talent he could quite possibly be a deity himself, disturbingly cuddled and stroked the publicity-obsessed, erratic, will-full Trump’s ego, both appearing to be totally and embarrassingly immune to the fact the death toll was rapidly rising in Florida!

  I mean, at one stage I actually wondered if what I was looking at was a spoof fly-on-the-wall-mock-u-drama instead of a real-life situation starring a raging racist misogynist, and his deluded, be-fuddled, post-modern, cross-cultural, rapper side-kick, (he’d say genius), who thinks a baseball cap will give him the super powers needed to become the next POTUS!

  However, it was during the very moment a journalist asked Trump if Kim Kardashian’s hubby  could be a future presidential candidate, that the chilling spectre of fear licked over me like fiery flames as Agent Orange turned and replied: “could very well be,” and I realised this egomaniac’s twisted fantasy could actually come true. Just wondering, would his election slogan be ‘Yes We Kanye’?


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