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Saying farewell to Mick, a Creggs legend




Over the weekend we said goodbye to Mick O’Rourke, a true Creggs legend who, in his 96th year, left this earth to rejoin his wife and soulmate Sarah up in Heaven. If ever a man epitomised the heart, soul and spirit of a village, Mick certainly did.

  In business in Creggs all his life, Mick and his family have been the heartbeat of Creggs since my childhood days. On Thursday and Friday his send-off was exactly what he would have wanted and what he deserved.

  It was more a celebration of the wonderful life that he had led, punctuated by reminisces and memories. While there was, obviously, a certain amount of sadness, the overwhelming feeling was that Mick had had a wonderful innings and was ready to move on to a better place.

  Everybody, including me, headed to Cuisle in  Donamon on Friday, after a most beautiful, uplifting funeral sevice conducted by Fr. Michael Cusack. We were treated to a superb four-course meal, served by Fergus and his wonderful staff, and judging by the extra helpings that came my way, he must have thought I looked a little undernourished, but it really was a super meal. Afterwards we adjourned to the bar for a while, and in a real tribute to the late Mick, we had songs, poems, recitations, and great craic, and for an hour or two – or even three – we did our best to give him a fitting, traditional, rural send-off.

  His family members had travelled from all over to say their goodbyes, and to all of them, and in particular his four children, Catherine, Jim, Marie, and Michael (better known to my readers as Mikeen), I extend my sincerest sympathies. All I can say is may he rest in peace. He was a true Creggs legend.


‘The handyman’ is still around!


It’s a beautiful autumn morning…and as I look out on the lovely, slightly chilly day, I am in a nostalgic mood, and thinking back to the time (a long while ago now) when I was a young lad growing up in the village of Creggs.

  I am thinking specifically about the demise of ‘the handyman’, a man that could be found at every crossroads and who, despite having no qualifications whatsoever, could do every type of chore you could imagine. He was a plumber, an electrician, a carpenter, a tiler, a painter, a blocklayer, a plasterer, and anything else you can think of, all rolled into one. No matter what household problem arose, there were any amount of handymen around who were ready, willing and able to sort it all out.

  However, in the many years that have passed since then, the handyman has more or less disappeared, and with the arrival of compulsory certification we now have all specialist tradesmen who are all experts in their own individual field.

  Now I have told you before that, in the thousands of years that the world has existed, I am the most useless D.I.Y. man that God ever created. Even the simplest of household repairs are way beyond my abilities, and so a couple of weeks back, when I needed to do a lot of little things – like hanging blinds and curtains, fixing door locks and changing the way a door or two was hanging – I had no idea where to look for someone who would do everything for me.

  And so, by pure accident, as I was looking at the Roscommon People, in the small ads section I saw an advert that seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I made that call, and now (as I write this) a  couple of weeks later, everything I needed to get done has been done, all with no hassle or fuss, all in a satisfactory professional manner. So maybe the handyman is not extinct yet – he’s just out there in a different form.


Inspired by Tiger…

The return to the top of Tiger Woods, particularly in the week that’s in it, will add a huge amount of interest to an already exciting Ryder Cup, and may well generate an atmosphere the likes of which may never have been seen in any other of the previous bi-annual competitions. It all kicks off in Paris on Friday.

  Having watched Tiger’s triumphant return to the winner’s enclosure on Sunday night, I was inspired so much that I headed to Castlerea on Monday afternoon to see if my golf could also  show a marked improvement. 

  The day was just wonderful, the course even better, and I was all set for a brilliant nine holes, but, sadly, the tiger in my tank stayed hidden, and my performance was exactly the same as always – rubbish. However, I enjoyed it no end, and some day soon, I predict a Tiger-like rise from the ashes.


And finally…

Finally for this week, the Big Tom Tribute Night is almost upon us, and all roads will lead to Mannion’s, Glenamaddy on Friday night when the huge show kicks off.

  Everything is in place to make this one of the all-time great nights, so make sure you get there and make it a fitting tribute to the undoubted King of Country music.

  I might not get there as I am just starting a three-week course of antibiotics, and unless they work very quickly, I will be sidelined. However, I am not giving up hope yet – but if you are there enjoy it for me!



Till next week, Bye for now! 


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