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I won’t cry for you, Argentina (there are more important things to worry about)

There was a time when I would have been depressed, sad and down over matters such as our defeat in Sunday’s Rugby World Cup quarter-final against Argentina.

But, as I’ve got older I now realise that sport is just that, and while I can’t deny that I was a bit disappointed at the end of our World Cup dream, I’m already well over it and realise there are much more distressing stories out there to concern us.

Hope for us all

I told you a few months ago about the sad death on the road of our pet Jack Russell, Skittles, and how devastated we were at the time.

The good news is that we now have a pup, who we have christened Hope and I can’t imagine anything else giving our family so much fun and enjoyment.

She is a bundle of joy and her dribbling skills (at 100 miles per hour) with a full-sized soccer ball have to seen to be believed! We all remember, at least all of us who are closing in on the free travel pass, the wonderful dribbling ability of Georgie Best and later, Diego Maradona.

But I have to say that Hope is right up there with the best of them. If dogs ever have professional soccer teams then our girl would be a star and I have to admit that in a few, short months she has become an integral part of our family.

And so this morning I am struggling to make sense of an incident which occurred in Dundalk last Friday morning when four schoolboys were spotted kicking a tiny six-week-old pup as if it were a football.

In the end, the vet she was taken to decided that the kindest option for the poor pup was to put it down. “The screams of pain were just horrendous”; said the vet, “the boys caused lethal damage to the pup, it was shocking to see her.”

Now I don’t know the schoolboys involved or even the ages of any of them, but I would be very worried about the direction they will take in the future. If they can do such unimaginable cruelty to a defenceless little puppy, God knows what they will draw the line at.

It saddens me to think that four lads would enjoy inflicting such pain on any type of living creature, animal or human, and I wonder if all these violent games that kids are playing these days are responsible for their terrible behaviour.

However, regardless of the causes, it’s just so sad and distressing that we are producing children who are capable of such unbelievable cruelty.

I can only hope that the likes of it never happens again.

Wee Daniel’s a wee gent

Changing subjects and onto a much lighter topic; last night for some unknown reason, I happened to tune into ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

And although it was a very brief visit, I was watching long enough to see Daniel O’Donnell getting booted off the show after a dance-off with Sky Sports presenter, Kirsty Gallagher, and her partner Brendan Cole.

Now I know my own dancing honours only go as far as my self-awarded ‘Jiving Champion’ at the Creggs Harvest Festival about 3-4 years ago in Gannon’s.

However, I was sufficiently clued in to say to Carol that I thought all four judges would vote to kick our wee Daniel out and I was proved right. However, it was Daniel’s demeanour which was so admirable.

He was obviously disappointed at being kicked out but he was so gracious in defeat and confirmed what we have always known; that he’s a true gentleman.

Say it ain’t so Joe

I also saw Joe McCaul being harshly treated on The X-factor when, to all intents and purposes, the audience got him evicted from the show.

But, even though he was gutted, I felt he was wrong to storm off the set and not talk to the hosts. If you are prepared to take your chances on such a horrible type of show (although compelling viewing) you should know there are only very few happy endings and I think he would have been better served to exit with grace.

However, I suppose it’s probably his last chance at carving out a career for himself in the world of entertainment so maybe his reaction was understandable.

For the McCaul family there is the significant consolation that his sister, Donna, is apparently making a very successful life for herself over in the States.

It’s a good few years since the pair of them represented Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest, so I suppose to be still talked about (remember Chris Doran and Mickey Joe Harte?) is an achievement in itself. Who knows, Joe might yet hit the big-time.

Star attraction

Sticking with entertainment, I told you about the Big Parish Dance we are holding at the local St. Mary’s Hall in Kilbegnet next Sunday night.

We hope to recreate the atmosphere of the old ballroom of romance days when people used to flock to dance halls and marquees before the advent of discos and when it was possible to enjoy yourselves without alcohol being served at the dances.

That’s not to say we didn’t drink our fill before we hit the dance floor! And next Sunday night there is no law against bringing a drop with you (at least I hope there isn’t!)

However, in last week’s piece I didn’t tell you anything about Sean Brennan, who will be providing the musical entertainment. He is one of the best artists in the country and his songs ‘Blue Kilkenny Eyes’, ‘Katie From Keadue’ and ‘My Lanesbrough Lady’, among others, are always getting extensive plays on radio stations across Ireland.

It’s seldom we get such a renowned singer/songwriter to come to our parish hall, so I’m appealing to everyone who can, to come along on Sunday night and let’s have a parish night to remember!

Music will kick off at 10.30 pm and we are having an open and confined waltzing competition during the night, so come out in force and I promise you a great night’s dancing and craic.

And Finally…

Finally for this week, it’s Harvest Festival week in Creggs, with lots of different activities taking place but don’t forget the Big Auction in the school on the Sunday afternoon (1 pm), the Craft Show (Monday), The Fair (Monday), and loads of other things to do! It’s all in the Roscommon People, so I’ll see you there!

‘Til next week, Bye for now

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