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Public representatives show their support for local farmers





Local public representatives have given their backing to local agriculture at a time when Brexit and beef prices are the issues dominating the headlines.

  At the recent launch of the Elphin Agricultural Show, there was support from all sectors including local public representatives, representatives of cattle societies, Roscommon Show, and the Beef Plan Movement.

  Elphin County Councillor Valerie Beirne praised the organisers including hard-working committee and said it was great to see such a big amount of prize money on offer. Highlighting the recent efforts of the local Beef Plan Movement, she thanked Conal Tiernan and his fellow members for their hard work. She also highlighted the importance in getting young people involved in agriculture.

  Cllr. Joe Murphy said the Elphin Show has never been as important as it is now due to the ongoing difficulties in the agricultural sector. He added that it was very important to support the Show and encouraged people to attend on August 31st.

  His brother, Fianna Fáil TD Eugene Murphy said these are really difficult times for agriculture and claimed that there was “more respect in debates for cannabis than there is for beef”.

  He added that meat was being “badly respected” and also thanked Conal Tiernan and the Beef Plan Movement for their recent support.

  Vice-President of Roscommon Show, James Gleeson, said the Shows needed to work together during the current “awful crisis” before wishing the organisers the best of luck with their great schedule.

  Noel McGoldrick, President of the Irish Charolais Society, said Elphin was “recognised as one of the best shows in the country” while Aidan Holohan of the Midland & Western Charolais Club thanked the committee for accepting the club’s class and looked forward to the event.

  Padraig O’Connor from the Irish Angus Society agreed that farming was having a very tough year and said it would take a huge effort the agricultural community to keep going.

  Roscommon Beef Plan Vice-Chairman, Conal Tiernan, also spoke at the launch and he said the group was 100% behind the show and that it was involved in a fight for the future of rural Ireland.

 He said that recent protests weren’t just about farming but about rural Ireland adding that all rural services were under attack, adding that nothing would be achieved unless people talked and worked together.

Roscommon People Mart Watch - August 23rd



Manager’s report…Maura Quigley, Roscommon Mart


“There was a fair entry of cattle on offer at last Friday’s weekly sale for bullocks, heifers and dry cows with a good demand for all classes.

  “Bullocks averaged from €1.82 per kilo up to €2.21 per kilo. Heifers ranged from an average of €1.96 per kilo up to €2.14 per kilo. Prices for dry cows averaged from €1.62 per kilo up to €1.89 per kilo. 

  “This Friday (23rd), there will be a special sale of bullocks and heifers with 36 pens of bullocks and 25 pens of heifers on offer as well as dry cows. All stock must be penned by 10 am. Viewing from 10.30 am to 11 am and gates open at 8 am.

  “There was a good show of weanlings on offer at Tuesday’s sale with a steady trade for both bulls and heifers resulting in the majority of lots getting sold. Weanling bulls averaged from €2.22 per kilo up to €3 per kilo while weanling heifers ranged from an average of €1.90 per kilo up to €2.32 per kilo.

  “The main customers this week were exporters and agents with some farmers also active. There will be a special sale of weanlings on Tuesday, September 3rd at 5 pm as well as suckler cows. Bookings accepted up to 5 pm on Thursday, August 29th. There will also be a show and sale of weanlings on Tuesday, September 10th at 5 pm.

  “There was a similar entry of sheep on offer at this week’s sale. There was a steady trade for lambs with prices fetching €104 for 54.6kgs. There were also plenty of ewe lambs on offer with a top price of €115 for 46.7kgs. There was a good trade for cast ewes with prices ranging from €50 up to €114. 

  “Sales continue each Wednesday at 11 am for lambs and cast ewes. Please note all sheep must be tagged with a full yellow EID Tag set”.

Roscommon Mart sample prices

Dry cows

Char 730kgs €1380, Char 780kgs €1345, Char X 760kgs €1300, Lim X 750kgs €1280, Lim X 725kgs €1215, AAX 740kgs €1160, BBX 625kgs €1120, Lim X 670kgs €1100, Lim X 745kgs €1070, Lim 510kgs €855.


Lim X 590kgs €1190, Char X 525kgs €1100, Char X 540kgs €1090, Simm X 635kgs €1065, BBX 600kgs €1045, Lim X 475kgs €1020, AAX 525kgs €1000, AAX 485kgs €985, Char X 460kgs €980, Lim X 450kgs €965, AAX 450kgs €965, AAX 365kgs €750.


BA 705kgs €1300, Char X 685kgs €1150, Lim X 595kgs €1140, Char X 625kgs €1125, Lim X 370kgs €750, Lim X 440kgs €900, Simm 410kgs €910.

Weanling heifers

Char X 505kgs €960 - €1.90 per kilo, Char X 415kgs €900 - €2.16 per kilo, Lim X 415kgs €850 - €2.04 per kilo, Lim X 355kgs €825 - €2.32 per kilo, SLX 400kgs €810 - €2.02 per kilo, Lim X 360kgs €800 - €2.22 per kilo, Lim X 285kgs €600 - €2.10 per kilo, Char X 325kgs €700 - €2.15 per kilo.

Weanling bulls

Lim X 525kgs €1060 - €2.01 per kilo, BBX 370kgs €950 - €2.56 per kilo, Char X 345kgs €935 - €2.71 per kilo, Simm X 375kgs €935 - €2.49 per kilo, 2 AAX 382kgs €910 - €2.37 per kilo, Char X 340kgs €905 - €2.66 per kilo, Lim X 280kgs €840 - €3 per kilo, Lim X 390kgs €835 - €2.14 per kilo, BBX 340kgs €875 - €2.57 per kilo, AAX 230kgs €470 - €2.04 per kilo, Simm X 375kgs €800 - €2.13 per kilo, Char X 275kgs €770 - €2.80 per kilo.

Spring lamb

54.6kgs €104, 46.4kgs €100, 52.3kgs €99, 53.2kgs €93.50, 50.5kgs €92, 47.2kgs €90.

Ewe lambs

46.7kgs €115, 42.8kgs €105.50, 45.5kgs €102, 43.3kgs €100, 44kgs €100, 49kgs €95, 45.4kgs €93, 39.1kgs €88, 43.6kgs €87.50.


Manager’s report…Brendan Egan, Castlerea Mart


“Similar numbers of stock presented for sale again this week with the quality store cattle remaining a good trade with the weanling ring reporting more activity this week even though the numbers remain small.

  “Breeding stock and dry cows reported good clearance this week while the runners were an improved trade. The bullock trade remained unchanged with prices similar to last week.

  “Cows with calves at foot made from €880 to €1,460 per head. Young calves on offer made from €40 to €340 while runners made from €330 to €800 for continental lots.

  “Sales continue at Castlerea Mart today (Thursday 22nd) with our usual sale of bullocks, heifers, cows, calves, runners and weanlings. All sales commence at 11 am with three rings in operation”.


Castlerea Mart sample prices



Ch 465kgs €1120, Lim 410kgs €990, Ch 505kgs €1185, AA 515kgs €1105, Lim X 550kgs €1270, Lim 695kgs €1445, Ch 655kgs €1340, AA 705kgs €1405, Sim 580kgs €1185.



BBx 400kgs €1000, Ch 400kgs €850, Ch 370kgs €830, Lim 445kgs €1100, Lim 465kgs €1095, Ch 690kgs €1445, PTX 650kgs €1420, Ch 455kgs €1030.


Dry cows

AA 850kgs €1530, Lim 810kgs €1550, Lim 690kgs €1355, Shx 825kgs €1285, Ch 860kgs €1400.


Bull weanlings

Chx 175kgs €530, Ch 250kgs €650, Sax 390kgs €980, Ch 430kgs €1070, Lim 475kgs €1150.


Heifer weanlings

BBx 360kgs €900, Lim 290kgs €965, Lim 330kgs €845, Lim 320kgs €840, Ch 345kgs €890.


Top-class cattle set for Elphin Show!






This year’s Elphin Agricultural Show, which takes place on Saturday, August 31st at Elphin Mart will feature a terrific Cattle section with a number of All-Ireland competitions.

  The show will feature the All-Ireland Pedigree Charolais Baby Calf; All-Ireland Baby Beef Heifer; All-Ireland Commercial Breeding Heifer (un-haltered); the Midland & Western Charolais Calf Final and the Limousin Anglo Irish Youth Finals.

  There are six Angus classes, five Shorthorn classes, five Hereford classes, five Simmental classes, and eleven in the Charolais.

  The Charolais section is sponsored by Noel Sweeney and family, the Irish Charolais Cattle Society and Thomas and Anne Gormley. This section features the All-Ireland Pedigree Charolais Male and Female Baby Calf Championship with a prize fund of €1,500 from the Sweeney family.

  Emlagh Lodge Veterinary Centre, The Percy French Hotel, Kepak, Homeland/Aurivo. Elphin Mart and the Sweeney family are among the sponsors of the Commercial Cattle Section.

  The Commercial Suckler Cow and Calf class is in memory of Padraig ‘Dolly’ Beirne and sponsored by his sister, Martina Burke.

  All un-haltered animals are required to be penned by 11 am for health and safety reasons.

Success for local breeder!



Local breeder, Sinead Conry of Rathnallog Herefords, Ballinagare, received a First and Reserve ‘Bull of the Year’ at the recent Tullamore Show with ‘Rathnallog Ted’. Her heifer ‘Rathnallog Bainin’ received second in her class and fifth overall ‘Heifer of the Year’.

  Sinead is pictured with her father, Michael Conry; her prize-winning bull and her Herefords.


ICMSA: €8,000 difference between top and bottom milk prices






Following the latest announcements of July milk prices, ICMSA’s Dairy Committee Chairperson, Ger Quain, has stated that he believes that there is now a two-tier milk price system at play in the Irish market.

  He said the prices announced for the month of July have made this very obvious as there was now a discrepancy of over 3cpl between the top and bottom prices being paid to farmers from around the country. 

  On the question of whether all bonuses should be in included on a whole-year basis instead of simply looking at a month in isolation, Mr. Quain said the divergence actually widens when bonuses are factored-in.

  “If we take that line and examine the 2018 milk price figures as published by KPMG, the difference between top and bottom stands at 4cpl and amounts to a truly astonishing €16,000 over the course of 2018 for a supply of 400,000 litres.

  “If we look at 2019, this discrepancy is already at over €8,000 for the first seven months of the year for the same supply curve. Farmers are asking the same question: How is this possible? Farmer suppliers are well aware of the uncertainty around international dairy markets at the moment, but ICMSA still feels entitled to ask why there is such shocking differences on what is a homogenous market for homogenous products around the globe?” concluded Mr. Quain.


Farmers encouraged to apply for €100m BEAM scheme



Adrian Leddy, IFA Regional Executive has strongly encouraged all eligible beef and suckler farmers to apply for the new €100m BEAM scheme (Beef Exceptional Aid Measure).

  Farmers can now apply as the scheme opened on Monday and the closing date is Sunday, September 8th.

  Mr. Leddy said the Department of Agriculture has published the terms and conditions for the scheme, which sets out the details of how €100 per finished animal and €40 per suckler cow can be drawn down by farmers.

  “IFA campaigned very hard to secure this €100m funding. It’s essential that all eligible farmers apply. All of the money must be drawn down and paid out to farmers as soon as possible as they are in real financial need because of the crisis in the sector,” he said.

  He added that despite some of the restrictive conditions imposed by Minister Creed and the EU Commission, farmers should make an application and the Minister must ensure that the €100m is paid out in full.

  He also said it is important that suckler farmers in this county apply and also farmers that sold finished cattle in the mart.

  Based on data presented by the Department of Agriculture, over 37,000 beef finishers and 55,000 suckler farmers are eligible.

  Fine Gael Senator Frank Feighan added his encouragement, saying that the BEAM scheme application process was user-friendly and that the funding would be of major benefit to farmers.

  “I would encourage beef farmers to submit an application to the BEAM when it opens. I am keenly aware that farmers are dealing with very challenging market circumstances at present. This scheme will provide some additional income support at a very critical time.

  “BEAM will provide financial aid to Irish beef farmers and is targeted towards those farmers most affected. BEAM is also designed to meet the requirements set out by the Commission, including granting support to farmers engaging in actions which enhance their long-term resilience and sustainability,” he said.


‘Ewe won’t see cattle or horses on the crest!’



There are ‘Show’ men and showmen, and Pat Naughton inhabits a space somewhere between the two. The head of the sheep section was in terrific form as he provided details of the various classes ahead of this Saturday’s Roscommon Show.

  “Sheep are the most important animal in the county…” he began confidently.

  “Conor Devaney plays football for Roscommon and he will tell you this: the sheep is the only animal on the county’s crest – horse and cattle men can’t say that!” he added to laughter around the room.

  Mr. Naughton detailed some of the pedigree and non-pedigree sheep classes and highlighted in the Young Handler’s class in particular, which is sponsored by Andy Hanley.

  “Andy taught me my trade and I then taught Kenneth (Andy’s son and member of the Roscommon Show executive committee). Kenneth is now at the top table and making great progress!” he added with pride. 

  Mr. Naughton also expressed sincere thanks to all sponsors and in particular, Kepak. He also advised those wishing to exhibit goats on the day to ensure that all animals were properly tagged and had correct documentation.

  The sheep classes will once again feature trophies for each of the best pedigrees while the Champion Sheep of the Show will receive the John Kenny Perpetual Trophy and 1 litre of Liquithrive Sheep, sponsored by Anthony Moran, Agri Lloyd.


Over €14,000 on offer in horse classes!




The Roscommon Show’s Horse Section will be the talk of the land after it was confirmed at last Thursday’s launch that over €14,000 is up for grabs this year.

  Roscommon Show President and head of the horses’ classes, Christy Tully, said there are 29 classes at this year’s event and plenty of prizes to go around.

  “Horse Sport Ireland and the Mayo/Roscommon Breeders’ Group have been a big help this year. The foal classes are as good as you’d get in the 32 counties.

  “The Roscommon Show has one of the highest prize funds in the country across all classes,” he said.

  Mr. Tully paid tribute to sponsors such as All Creatures Veterinary Clinic, as well as the Hannon family.

  “The highlight of this year’s show is the All-Ireland Irish Draught Yearling Filly, which is part of the Horse Sport Ireland National Showing Championship series and sponsored by Hannon’s Hotel,” he added.

  Roscommon Show Assistant Secretary Claudia Gormley told those in attendance that there was €3,500 on offer in the Pony Section and that the new class this year was the Horse Sport Ireland Foal Championship Qualifier which incorporates a section for pony foals with a total prize fund of €700.

  Micheal Curley of the County Roscommon Hunt was also in attendance at last Thursday’s launch and he invited entries to the Mini Hunter Trials for riders under the age of 16 before wishing the organisers of this year’s show well for Saturday.


Roscommon People Mart Watch - August 16th





Manager’s report…Maura Quigley, Roscommon Mart



“There was a good entry of top-quality cattle on offer at last Friday’s sale with a plenty of buyers sourcing stock. Bullocks averaged from €2.12 per kilo up to €2.71 per kilo. Heifers ranged from an average of €2.04 per kilo up to €2.38 per kilo


  “There was a small entry of dry cows which fetched from €1.69 per kilo up to 1.81 per kilo. Quality cattle sold well while plainer lots were more difficult to clear.


  “This Friday (16th) at 11 am, the mart will host its usual sale for bullocks, heifers, weanlings, dry cows and suckler cows. On Friday, August 23rd there will be a special sale for bullocks and heifers at 11 am, including dry cows. Bookings accepted up to 5 pm today (Thursday 15th).


  “There was a large entry of sheep on offer at this week’s sale. There was a steady trade for lambs with prices fetching €104 for 55.2kgs. There were also plenty of ewe lambs on offer with a top price of €104 for 46.4kgs There was a good trade for cast ewes with prices ranging from €40 up to €105. 


  “Sales continue each Wednesday at 11 am for lambs and cast ewes. Please note all sheep must be tagged with a full yellow EID Tag set”.




Roscommon Mart sample prices




Dry cows


Lim X 765kgs €1390, Char X 750kgs €1310, SHX 640kgs €960.






Lim X 645kgs €1460, Char X 660kgs €1420, Lim X 650kgs €1400, Char X 655kgs €1400, Char X 570kgs €1260, Lim X 605kgs €1225, SAX 540kgs €1175, Char X 520kgs €1150, Char X 440kgs €1050, Lim X 395kgs €940.






Char X 845kgs €1615, Char X 730kgs €1540, 4 Char X 566kgs €1510, Lim X 550kgs €1495, 5 Char X 545kgs €1440, Char X 565kgs €1435, BBX 535kgs €1300, Lim X 545kgs €1305, Lim X 520kgs €1270, 2 Char X 470kgs €1150, Lim X 430kgs €1030, Char X 425kgs €1000, Char X 425kgs €965, Simm X 435kgs €980.




Spring lambs


55.2kgs €104, 51.2kgs €103, 54.1kgs €98, 48kgs €98, 49kgs €95, 47.9kgs €95, 49.7kgs €94, 48.3kgs €92.




Ewe lambs


46.4kgs €104, 47.9kgs €102, 47.8kgs €100, 43.2kgs €100, 45.7kgs €98, 46.5kgs €95, 46.9kgs €94, 42.8kgs €93, 45.2kgs €90.



Manager’s report…Brendan Egan, Castlerea Mart






“Similar numbers of stock presented for sale this week with trade and prices unchanged from last week. Better quality stock was on offer this week and in general this helped the trade with good demand for the stores on offer. Heavier forward cattle are under pressure at the moment but breeding stock and the dry cows reported good clearances.


  “Cows with calves at foot made from €860 to €1,740 for a Charolais cow and her Charolais heifer calf at foot. Springers made from €1,230 to €1,560 per head.


  “Smaller numbers of sucks on offer this week with young calves making from €200 to €220 per head and runners made from €350 to €700 for the continental types on offer.


  “Sales continue at Castlerea Mart today (Thursday) with our usual sale of bullocks, heifers, cows, calves, runners and weanlings on offer. All sales commence at 11 am with three rings in operation”.




Castlerea Mart sample prices






Ch 475kgs €1100, AA 465kgs €1085, Ch 435kgs €1050, Lmx 545kgs €1200, Ch 525kgs €1100, Ch 565kgs €1390, Ch 635kgs €1270, Lm 580kgs €1200.






Lmx 390kgs €950, BBx 420kgs €935, Lm 425kgs €895, Ch 400kgs €885, Lm 455kgs €1060, BBX 440kgs €1030, Ch 645kgs €1375, Ch 640kgs €1335, Ch 640kgs €1330, Lm 570kgs €1250.




Dry cows


Lm 690kgs €1310, Lm 705kgs €1270, Lm 715kgs €1280, AA 795kgs €1285, Hex 650kgs €1090.




Weanling bulls


Chx 375kgs €1045, Lm 390kgs €1000, Lm 365kgs €940, Lm 335kgs €835, Ch 295kgs €725.




Weanling heifers


Lm 340kgs €835, Ch 340kgs €805, Ch 425kgs €980, Ch 305kgs €765, Lm 310kgs €750.






Supporters and sponsors look forward to Saturday






There was plenty of praise for the Roscommon Agricultural Show at last Thursday’s official launch at Hannon’s Hotel. Local public representatives and sponsors extended best wishes ahead of this Saturday’s event.

  Fianna Fáil TD Eugene Murphy announced that he would be sponsoring the show at what he described as “a really challenging time for rural communities”. He urged the community to come out in “huge numbers” before adding that rural Ireland was in “a fight for survival”.

  Seán Beirne from Bank of Ireland Roscommon said the Roscommon Show was all about community, adding: “We need to support each other as best we can and get the word out”.

  Roscommon businessman and show sponsor, P. Burke praised the organisers for working together and improving the show every year. He wished this year’s event every success and said the Roscommon Agricultural Show was going from “strength to strength” each year.

  Cllr. Laurence Fallon said he was looking forward to another successful Roscommon Show and he left those in attendance in little doubt as to the importance of agriculture to Roscommon town and surrounding areas.

  “Without agriculture in Roscommon there is very little left. Hopefully for the 50th anniversary of the show next year things (in the agriculture sector) will be a lot more certain. There is a need for rapid change, hopefully before the future of agriculture becomes too ‘dicey’ in Roscommon,” he said.

  Roscommon Mart manager, Maura Quigley, said the mart has had a 50-year association with the Roscommon Show.

  She said she was fully aware of the hard work that goes into organising the Roscommon Agricultural Show, having served 21 years as its Secretary.

  “I’m still waiting for my pension from that,” she quipped before providing a brief history of previous show venues.

  “The first Roscommon Show was in a field behind JJ Harlow’s and then it was out in Lenabane before coming to Hannon’s. I hope the local people come out and support it once again this year,” she said.

  Former Mayor of Roscommon, Martin Connaughton, said it was great to see such a good turnout at last Thursday’s launch and said he was looking forward to Saturday’s Show.

  “I’m wishing for a fine day but if stays good until the evening and then turns bad Hannon’s Hotel will be the main beneficiaries!”

  Mr. Connaughton said his son, Cllr. Ivan Connaughton, was out of the country but sent his best wishes to the organisers.

  The chairperson of Roscommon Lamb Festival Donal Mee was also in attendance at last Thursday’s launch and he too wished the organisers all the best ahead of Saturday’s 49th Roscommon Agricultural Show.


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