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Roscommon People Mart Watch - December 14th



Manager’s report…Maura Quigley, Roscommon Mart


“There was a lively trade at the annual Christmas Cracker Sale held last Friday with nearly a full clearance of lots. Prices for bullocks ranged from €2.12 per kilo up to €2.78 per kilo. Heifer prices averaged from €2.21 per kilo up to €2.84 per kilo. Dry cows fetched from an average of €1.56 per kilo up to €1.95 per kilo.

  “There was a good demand for all stock with plenty of customers in attendance. This Friday, sees our final sale of 2018 with bullocks, heifers, and dry cows on offer.

  “There were good numbers on offer for the last weanling sale of the year with prices holding firm resulting in the majority of lots getting sold. Bull weanlings averaged from €2.22 per kilo up to €3.33 per kilo. Weanling heifers ranged from €2.38 per kilo up to €2.90 per kilo.

  “The final sale of the year for bullocks, heifers and dry cows takes place this Friday (14th) at 11 am. The opening sale of 2019 for weanlings will take place on Tuesday, January 15th at 5 pm.

  “There were similar numbers on offer at this week’s sheep sale. Prices for finished lambs peaked at €114 for 52.5kgs. Store lambs fetched up to €88. There was a similar trade for cast ewes from the previous week with prices ranging from €25 up to €117.

  “Roscommon Mart thanks you for you custom in 2018 and we look forward to your continued support in 2019. Wishing all of our customers, shareholders and friends a Happy Christmas and peaceful and a prosperous New Year!”

Roscommon Mart sample prices


Char X 745kgs €1680, Char X 805kgs €1680, Char X 785kgs €1680, Char X 665kgs €1560, Lim X 650kgs €1500, Lim X 570kgs €1305, Char X 540kgs €1270, Lim X 500kgs €1300, Char X 465kgs €1125, 3 AAX €915, Char X 370kgs €1030, Lim X 425kgs €1090, 2 SAX 475kgs €1120, Char X 455kgs €1115.


Char X 745kgs €1660, Char X 710kgs €1625, Char 605kgs €1540, Char 565kgs €1400, Simm X 520kgs €1340, Lim X 535kgs €1200, Lim X 480kgs €1200, Lim 465kgs €1175, 2 Char X 485kgs €1150, Lim X 460kgs €1130, AAX 480kgs €1105, Char X 415kgs €1080, Char X 395kgs €1120, Lim X 385kgs €1045.

Weanling heifers

2 Char X 407kgs €985 - €2.42 per kilo, Char X 360kgs €970 - €2.69 per kilo, 2 Lim X 377kgs €900 - €2.38 per kilo, Char X 300kgs €810 - €2.70 per kilo, Char X 282kgs €790 - €2.82 per kilo, Char X 310kgs €900 - €2.90 per kilo, Lim X 245kgs €700 - €2.85 per kilo, Char X 260kgs €640 - €2.46 per kilo.

Dry cows

Char X 860kgs €1485, Char X 820kgs €1400, Lim X 710kgs €1385, Simm X 765kgs €1290, Lim 645kgs €1150, Simm X 685kgs €1110, SHX 710kgs €950, Lim X 635kgs €1060, Char X 645kgs €1010.

Weanling bulls

Lim X 330kgs €1035 - €3.13 per kilo, Char X 410kgs €1000 - €2.43 per kilo, HEX 330kgs €800 - €2.42 per kilo, Char 275kgs €915 - €3.32 per kilo, Char 350kgs €900 - €2.57 per kilo, Char X 315kgs €900 - €2.85 per kilo, Lim X 320kgs €750 - €2.34 per kilo, Char X 250kgs €670 - €2.68 per kilo.

Finished lambs

52.5kgs €114, 57.5kgs €112, 53.9kgs €112, 59kgs €111, 50.3kgs €110, 50kgs €110, 51.2kgs €110, 50.3kgs €109, 51kgs €108, 48kgs €107, 49kgs €105.

Store lambs

39.5kgs €88, 38.8kgs €85, 40.2kgs €83, 38.9kgs €82, 38.3kgs €81.50, 37.3kgs €76.50.


Manager’s report…Brendan Egan, Castlerea Mart


“Larger numbers of stock presented for sale this week with a sharper trade prevailing especially for the quality lots on offer. Good numbers of heifers presented this week and they met a lively trade with prices improved by €20-€30 per head.

  “In the weanling rings demand was strong with quality the key factor in the trade and the top quality heifer weanling exceeding €4 a kilo. The dry cow trade has taken a hit in prices in recent weeks especially for the lower weight cows with demand strongest for the forward lots. The runner trade witnessed increased demand this week with a good clearance reported.

  “Cows with calves at foot made from €880 to €1,200 per head with springer cows making from €840 to €1,250 per head. Runner lots made from €245 to €500 for Hex and AAx lots with continental lots making from €500 to €700.

  “There were 180 bullocks on offer last Monday with quality the key once again and prices were varied depending on the stock. Quality forward stores were once again the strongest trade with plainer low weight cattle unchanged in price.

  “Sales continue at Castlerea Mart today (Thursday 13th) and all sales commence at 11 am”.


Castlerea Mart sample prices



Ch 390kgs €1005, Lm 400kgs €1000, Ch 360kgs €1190, Lm 485kgs €1310, Ch 480kgs €1225, Chx 640kgs €1465, Lm 570kgs €1355.

Dry cows

Lmx 855kgs €1685, Lm 770kgs €1520, Lm 810kgs €1480, Lm 750kg €1370, AA 840kgs €1455.

Weanling bulls

Lmx 280kgs €820, Lmx 240kgs €720, Ch 355kgs €1020, Ch 460kgs €1115, Lm 260kgs €735.

Weanling heifers

Lm 295kgs €850, Ch 255kgs €710, Lm 260kgs €700, Lm 385kgs €1550, Lm 370kgs €1020, Lm 310kgs €815.


AAX 475kgs €1190, Ch 450kgs €1185, Ch 540kgs €1375, Lm 500kgs €1240, Lm 560kgs €1395, Lm 575kgs €1240.









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