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Factories are ‘crippling farmers’




IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods has accused the cattle factories of “crippling” cattle farmers financially with “their obsession to cut beef prices and swell their own pockets”.

  He said the latest drive by the meat plants to cut prices below a base price of €3.80/kg will do serious financial damage at farm level. He said that cattle prices in Ireland’s main export market in the UK had increased by 4p/kg per week for the last three weeks and he contrasted this with prices cuts from the Irish factories.

  Mr. Woods said the “factory pull on beef prices is inflicting massive damage on the weanling and store cattle trade in the marts across the country and undermining the suckler cow herd”. He added that trade is already under severe pressure from the drought and fodder situation but “the factory price cuts had ripped confidence out of the trade”.

  The IFA National Livestock leader said this year “farmers have had to endure an extremely long and severe winter/spring period with massive meal bills”. On top of this, he said, the drought involved farmers having to feed meals on grass at very significant additional expense and all of these bills are still there to be paid.

  Mr. Woods added: “Prices in the UK have increased every week from early August, rising from £3.63/kg to £3.76/kg, a price increase equivalent to 15c/kg. At the same time Irish factories have cut the prices.

  “This makes no market sense and farmers are at a total loss over the silence of Agriculture Minister Michael Creed and the Government on the issue. It’s like they don’t care about the €3 billion livestock sector and the 100,000 farmers involved”.

Roscommon People Mart Watch - September 21st



Manager’s report…Maura Quigley, Roscommon Mart


“There was a good entry of excellent quality cattle on offer at Friday’s sale which included a special sale of heifers. There was a firm trade for quality heifers with lesser quality lots tougher to sell. Heifers ranged from an average of €2.28 up to €2.92 per kilo.

  “There were a small number of bullocks on offer with a full clearance of lots and prices fetching from €1.87 up to €2.29 per kilo. Dry cows made from €1.69 per kilo up to €2.

  “This Friday features a special sale of bullocks with 81 pens on offer as well as heifers and dry cows. Next Friday (28th) at 11 am there will be a Harvest Special Sale of Heifers with boookings accepted up to 5 pm today (Thursday 20th).

  “There were smaller numbers on offer at this week’s sheep sale. Prices for finished lambs peaked at €107 for 53.5kgs, store lambs fetched up to €82 and ewe lambs made up to €106. There was a dip in trade for cast ewes with prices ranging from €43 up to €90. Sales continue each Wednesday at 11 am for lambs and cast ewes.    

  “There will be a breeding ewes and hoggets sale this Saturday (22nd) at 11 am, gates open at 8 am. There will also be a show and sale of pedigree Texel sheep this Saturday - show at 12.30 pm and sale at 1.30 pm”.

Roscommon Mart sample prices

Dry cows

Lim X 800kgs €1600, Char X 845kgs €1550, Char X 825kgs €1450, Char X 770kgs €1440, BBX 745kgs €1400, Lim X 765kgs €1375, Lim X 705kgs €1290, Char X 645kgs €750, AAX 640kgs €750, Simm X 700kgs €1200, Char X 715kgs €1285, Simm X 645kgs €1070, Char X 665kgs €1280.


Lim X 570kgs €1305, Simm X 590kgs €1150, Lim X 525kgs €1130, Char X 555kgs €1100, Simm X 530kgs €1080, FRX 585kgs €950, AAX 435kgs €790, Lim X 335kgs €620.


Char X 665kgs €1830, Char X 600kgs €1750, Lim X 600kgs €1670, BBX 625kgs €1650, Char X 550kgs €1570, 3 Char X 588kgs €1460, BBX 535kgs €1430, Char X 585kgs €1560, 3 Lim X 523kgs €1390, Lim X 575kgs €1300, Lim 495kgs €1245, Lim X 395kgs €950, Char X 490kgs €1250, Char X 435kgs €1055, Lim X 465kgs €1080.

Finished lambs

53.5kgs €107, 60kgs €105, 64kgs €104, 51.5kgs €103, 51 kgs €103, 54.5kgs €103.

Ewe lambs

46.6 kgs €106, 47.7kgs €102, 47.3kgs €98, 43.5kgs €96, 44.4kgs €95, 43.6kgs €95, 45.1kgs €92, 43.4kgs €91.

Store lambs

41.3kgs €82, 42.5kgs €80.5, 38kgs €78, 36.9kgs €75, 40.8kgs €72.

Managers’ report…Brendan Egan, Castlerea Mart

“There were 700 cattle on offer this week. Trade remained unchanged from previous week with forward store cattle remaining a good trade depending on the quality.

  “The dry cow trade is holding firm while in the weanling rings demand has increased for the quality calves with plainer lightweight stock more difficult to sell. Breeding stock and runners had good numbers on offer also with demand and prices holding and in the case of the better quality lots prices were improved.

  “Cows with calves at foot made from €1,250 to €1,330. Dairy cross lots made from €50 to €250 with continental crosses making from €340 to €720.

  “Sales continue at Castlerea Mart on Monday (17th) when our bullock sale resumes and on Thursday (20th) when we have our annual show and sale of weanlings in conjunction with our usual sale of heifers, cows, calves, runners and weanlings. All sales commence at 11 am”.

Castlerea Mart sample prices



Ch 435kgs €1145, Lm 430kgs €1100, Chx 525kgs €1275, AA 510kgs €1110, AA 575kgs €1260, Lm 600kgs €1380, Six 540kgs 1150.



Lm 390kgs €960, Ch 470kgs €1270, Ch 490kgs €1400, Ch 610kgs €1445, Ch 640kgs €1475, LM 595kgs €1375, AA 490kgs €1100.


Dry cows

Ch 780kgs €1685, Lm 805kgs €1600, Lm 735kgs €1465, Lm 680kgs €1345, AA 845kgs €1585.


Weanling bulls

AAX 195kgs €500, Lm 295kgs €890, Lm 255kgs €815, Lm 270kgs €820, Ch 340kgs €1040, Chx 310kgs €935, Sim 455kgs €1080.


Weanling heifers

Lm 240kgs €670, Sim 325kgs €865, Ch 305kgs €805, Lm 340kgs €800, Lm 280kgs €695.




Farm with top quality lands in Curraghboy area


Pat Hughes of Hughes & Co. Auctioneers & Valuers, Abbey Street, Roscommon says there has been a lot of interest in a circa 130-acre farm which they recently placed on the market in Curraghboy Village.

  All of the lands are of top quality and the property has the benefit of a three-bedroomed bungalow thereon. 

  Pat is confirming that there are enquiries coming in from the local area as well as from outside the county.

  For further information or to make an appointment to view, contact the office on 090-6627003 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Roscommon People Mart Watch - September 14th



Manager’s report…Maura Quigley, Roscommon Mart


“There were good numbers of stock on offer at last Friday’s sale which included a big turnout of excellent quality bullocks. There was a lively trade for quality lots of bullocks with prices ranging from €2.30 per kilo up to €3.03 per kilo the tops for a Char X bullock weighing 555 kgs and fetching €1,680 (€1,125 over its weight). Plainer lots were more difficult to clear.

  “The number of heifers on offer was small due to the huge entry for next week’s special sale. Heifer prices ranged from €2.17 per kilo up to €2.55 per kilo.

  “Prices for dry cows averaged from €1.38 up to €1.93 per kilo. On Friday next, September 14th, there’s a special sale of heifers – 100 pens on offer.

  “Also, bullocks and dry cows. On Friday, September 21st at 11 am there’s an extra-special sale of bullocks. Bookings accepted up to 5 pm on this Thursday, September 13th. Also, heifers and dry cows.

  “Please note the following new Health & Safety rules: On Fridays, yard opens at 7.30 am. Only mart staff will be allowed into the sales yard from 7.30 am to 10.30 am. All stock must be penned by 10 am. The draw for the starting pens will take place at 9.50 am. Yard will open to allow stock to be viewed by purchasers from 10.30 am to 11 am sharp. After 11 am, the yard will be closed again to the public (staff only). Cattle that are not penned by 10 am will have to wait to be penned until after the viewing period is over.

  “Sellers who do not have their cattle penned by the time they come up for sale will have to wait until the end to have their stock sold.

  “We thank you for your co-operation and patience as we implement these changes”.

Roscommon Mart sample prices

Dry cows

Lim X 725 kgs €1400, Simm X 690 kgs €1285, Lim X 475 kgs €900, Fr. 675 kgs €880, Lim LX 585 kgs €860, Simm X 585 kgs €780, FRX 650 kgs €720, AAX 520 kgs €670.


Bullocks made from €420 to €1125 over the kilo. 2 Lim X 845 kgs €1850, Char X 735 kgs €1750, Char 740 kgs €1720, Char X 555 kgs €1680, 2 Char X 592 kgs €1605, 4 Char X 567 kgs €1560, 8 Char X 583 kgs €1500, 3 Char X 573 kgs €1550, 2 Lim X 597 kgs €1430, Char X 575 kgs €1440, Lim X 585 kgs €1210, AAX 380 kgs €800, Char X 380 kgs €900, Char X 590 kgs €1390, AAX 545 kgs €1050, BBX 590 kgs €1280, 2 Lim X 480 kgs €1040, Lim X 475 kgs €1200.


Heifers made from 370 to €760 over the kilo. AAX 660 kgs €1400, BBX 615 kgs €1400, Char X 605 kgs €1300, Char X 495 kgs €1255, Lim X 465 kgs €1140, Lim X 480 kgs €1100, 2 Lim X 390 kgs €760, AAX 425 kgs €850, 3 Char X 363 kgs €850, 2 Char X 372 kgs €860.

Manager's report…Brendan Egan, Castlerea Mart

“Lighter store bullocks and heifers were an improved trade this week with prices improved by €20-€30 per head.

  “Plainer stores remain unchanged while in the weanling rings there have been increased numbers and demand for the quality lots this week. The cull cow trade was similar to previous weeks with demand strongest for the forward lots.

  “Cows with calves at foot made from €600 to €1330 per head. Springers made from €1200 to €1350 per head.

  “With regards to calves/runners, bigger numbers presented this week with young calves making from €160-€300 with stronger runner type lots making from €350-€600 for the continental types.

  “Sales continue at Castlerea Mart on Thursday, 13th of September with our usual sale of bullocks, heifers, cows, calves, runners and weanlings. All sales commence at 11 am.     

  “Please note bullock sales will resume on Monday, 17th of September”.

Castlerea Mart sample prices


AA 485kgs €1145 Ch 435kgs €1170 Ch 490kgs €1200 Ch 485kgs €1340 Ch 515kgs €1245 Ch 580kgs €1375 Ch 560kgs €1340 Ch 660kgs €1520 Ch 680kgs €1560.


Lmx 415kgs 1055 Lm 390kgs €960 BBx 470kgs €1155 Lm 585kgs €1360 Lm 680kgs €1550 AA 445kgs €1100.


Chx 810kgs €1590 BA 700kgs €1530 Lm 760kgs €1345 Ch 1080kgs €1965 Fr 450kgs €250 Lm 775kgs 41545.

Weanling bulls

Chx 290kgs €915 LM 250kgs €785 Ch 400kgs €1020 Lm 425kgs €1060 Sim 390kgs €1000 Lm 255kgs €770.

Weanling heifers

Ch 320kgs €850 Ch 380kgs €910 Ch 290kgs €700 Lm 260kgs €635 Ch 350kgs €850 Ch 405kgs €1025.


Minister must take urgent action on income crisis – IFA


IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said livestock farmers are under immense income pressure from falling cattle prices, increased costs, severe weather conditions all year and the erosion of direct payments.

  He said the income crisis in the livestock sector must be urgently addressed by Agriculture Minister Michael Creed and he cannot allow Budget 2019 pass without delivering on the IFA proposal for the introduction of a €200 targeted payment for suckler cows.

  Angus Woods said the October Budget is Minister Creed’s last chance to deliver on the €200 for suckler farmers, who are “on their knees” in terms of low incomes and rising costs. He said confidence is at a very low ebb in the suckler sector after the horrendous year they have been through and are now facing a very difficult market situation for the sale of weanlings and stores.

  In addition to the €200 suckler cow payment, the IFA National Livestock Chairman called on Minister Creed to show much more support for the low income livestock sector. He said the Minister needs to support the live export trade with export credit insurance, mechanisms to deal with currency fluctuations and increased promotions. He said the live trade is critical for competition and additional market outlets.



Lamb trade at a critical juncture, says IFA



IFA National Sheep Chairman Sean Dennehy said the lamb trade is stable with factories paying €4.80 to €4.90/kg and some top prices of €4.95/kg. He said the kill remains strong – driven by meal feeding since the drought – but expects that supplies will tighten in the weeks ahead. He said the ewe kill is big and factories are paying €2.60/2.80/kg.

  Sean Dennehy said sheep farmers are approaching a critical time in relation to future plans on ewe numbers and it is essential that factories send a more positive signal to flock owners on lamb prices. He said farmers need a minimum of €100 per lamb and at prices at €4.80/kg, many lambs are struggling to make this.

  Sean Dennehy said the factories must show greater commitment to flock owners and that strong viable lamb prices are essential for farmers to have confidence on ewe numbers. He said it is very concerning to see that cull ewe slaughterings are up 48,000 head this year.

  “2018 has been an extremely difficult year for sheep farmers, through a combination of major losses last winter and a huge increase in feed costs including throughout the summer”.

  The IFA Sheep farmers’ leader said sheep farmers are annoyed and angry that some lambs were sent home again last week from some meat plants under the Department of Agriculture Clean Lamb Policy. He said in a dry week where lambs were coming clean off grass this was unacceptable and the Department needed to come to their senses.

Countdown to 152nd annual Strokestown Agricultural Show





The Percy French Hotel in Strokestown was the venue for the launch of the 152nd Strokestown Agricultural Show recently. A good turnout heard details of this year’s event, which will be held on Saturday and Sunday, September 8th, and 9th in the grounds of Strokestown Park House and which will feature 23 All-Ireland finals.

  Welcoming those in attendance, show chairperson John O’Beirne offered a preview of this year’s sections including Cattle, Sheep, Horse and Pony, Farm and Garden, Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables, Hay and Pasture, Turf, Adult and Junior Cookery and Adult and Junior Handcrafts.

  Mr. O’Beirne confirmed that Michael Hughes, who will retire as National Secretary of the Irish Shows Association later this year, will officially open this year’s Strokestown Show.

  He paid tribute to former committee members and volunteers who had passed recently including former secretary Anne Brennan as well as Seamus Shiel and John McDermott, who had both given the show sterling service down through the years.

  Mr. O’Beirne expressed his gratitude to the show’s loyal sponsors including Greenvale Animal Feeds, the Sweeney and Stevenson families and Percy Hanly and his family.

  He also offered a warm welcome to representatives of all the Breed Societies, members of the Roscommon Show and Elphin Show societies, public representatives as well as the Strokestown committee and friends of the show.

  Highlighting the family friendly nature of this year’s show, Mr. O’Beirne detailed some of the novelty classes on offer during Sunday’s Family Day.

  “We will have Best Dressed Lady with a prize of €500. This competition will be judged by Ciara Halpin, a personal stylist from a leading Dublin store.

  “We will also have a Best Dressed Gent, Glamorous Granny, Little Miss and Little Mister for those aged 5-10 – and a Bonny Baby competition,” he said.

  There will also be free bouncy castles for children on both Saturday and Sunday and music by 4 Degrees West throughout the showgrounds on Sunday.

  The chairperson also thanked Minister for Rural and Community Development Michael Ring.

  “We would like to thank Minister Michael Ring for a grant this year made available to all shows and which is a major contribution to our running costs.

  “In addition, the show has been granted funding from the Roscommon County Council Festival and Events grant scheme towards funding the Flavours from the Heart of Ireland Food Fair”.

  Mr. O’Beirne did however raise the need for further support while raising concerns over the suckler cow scheme.

  “From talking to mart managers, all are concerned about the demise of the suckler cow. We couldn’t put the show on without the suckler cow,” he said, before calling on politicians to “pull together” in order to deliver that message to Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed.

  Mr. O’Beirne concluded by once again thanking those in attendance and offering everyone a warm welcome to Strokestown on September 8th and 9th.



‘Flavours from Heart of Ireland’ food fair to attract crowds





The ‘Flavours from the Heart of Ireland’ food fair will return to the Strokestown Show once again this year and there will be some familiar faces taking part.

  My Nutrition is husband and wife team, Thomas Coleman from Mayo and Jeeny Maltese from Venezuela, who have been in business for the past five years. They return to the Strokestown Show for a third year this year.

  Since last year’s food fair, Thomas and Jeeny have relocated to Creggs and while Jeeny has made a name for herself on national television, Thomas has been involved with the Roscommon senior football team.

  Jeeny said they were looking forward to returning to the Strokestown Show and paid tribute to food fair organisers, Margaret Kelly, Gemma Flanagan and Anna Hogan.

  “The ladies are really good to us and they have treated us so well every year. We love all the products as well and the producers (at the food fair) so it’s a good show to come to,” she said.

  Thomas added: “We do a lot of shows around Ireland but Strokestown is really good.

  “What we hope to achieve firstly with Strokestown is looking after people’s health. It’s our family and loved ones that we want to spend time with and that’s really what our message is about. It’s really about building bridges for people; finding out where they are with their food and seeing how they can make a little improvement that will help their health and their body,” he said.

  Jeeny said the joint expertise herself and nutritionist Thomas can call on ensures that clients are getting practical and easy to implement tips.

  “For me as a chef, it has to be really good, tasty food that’s easy and approachable for everybody and also inexpensive. My mission as a chef is to educate people and empower them so that they know they can do it at home and it’s easy. Of course there is also the expertise of Tom so I’m not allowed to put anything naughty or bold in there!”

  Thomas added: “It has to taste good, it has to be easy to prepare and we find all our ingredients locally. It’s getting back to real country food as well. We’re looking at the Strokestown Agricultural Show and there are farmers and producers here who are growing exceptional food; whole food that’s not packaged and we want to them to get back to using their own products”.

  Having worked with some of Ireland’s top athletes, including Conor McGregor, My Nutrition will once again be a popular attraction at this year’s Show.

  Jeeny said: “It’s very exciting because Tom and I have worked with some of the top athletes in the country; Irish Rugby and Roscommon GAA recently”.

  “Yeah we had a great season with Roscommon GAA,” Thomas added, “we had ups and downs and everything else but look we progressed with them and hopefully we can go on. Maybe we’ll have a bit of that expertise at this year’s show and we can show people what the lads were eating”.

  Of course you don’t have to be an elite level athlete to reap the benefits of My Nutrition’s expertise and Jeeny and Thomas have promised they will endeavour to make tips easy to use for all those in attendance at this year’s Strokestown Show.





5 Strokestown Show highlights…




1. Food and Drinks Fair

‘Flavours From the Heart of Ireland’ will once again take place over the two days in two spacious marquees. The food and drinks fair proved extremely popular last year and there are over 50 artisan producers attending this year’s event. Celebrity chef Simon Delaney will be in attendance, as will TV3 regular Brian McDermott. My Nutrition return once more and there will be plenty of input from local favourites, Adrian Gill, Vincent Meldrum and David Porter.

2. Family Fun

Family Fun Day will take place on the Sunday (9th) with Best Dressed Lady, Junior Miss and Little Mister (5-10 years), Glamorous Granny and Best Dressed Gent.

  Murray Amusements return to Strokestown this year offering plenty of fun for young and old! There will be bumper cars and other amusements on the grounds of Strokestown Park House. There will also be free bouncy castles for kids on both days.

3. 23 All-Ireland Finals

Chairperson John O’Beirne highlighted the fact that Strokestown Show boasts no fewer than 23 All-Ireland Finals during his speech at the recent Show launch in The Percy French Hotel.

  Among the main events are the All-Ireland Angus Finals with a prize fund of €10,000, the All-Ireland Beef Bullock Championship worth €5,000 and the €2,000 Greenvale Animal Feeds All-Ireland Beef Heifer Championship.

4. Top class horses

The Rogers family once again sponsors the Registered Irish Draught section including the Draught Mare class, with the winner picking up the Tom Rogers Cup.

  The rest of this section is sponsored by the Callery Endowment Fund including the highlight of the Sunday Show, The Strokestown Park Irish Draught Broodmare All-Ireland Championship with a prize fund of €2,500.

5. Increased sheep prizes!

The Strokestown Show Sheep section has classes for Suffolk, Texel, Charollais and Zwartbles with Champion and Reserve in all breeds.

  There’s also a full Commercial section with Champion and Reserve as well as Supreme Champion of the Show. There’s even more prize money on offer in the Sheep section this year!

Roscommon People Mart Watch - August 31st



Manager’s report…Maura Quigley, Roscommon Mart

“There was a large entry of excellent quality stock on offer at last Friday’s sale. There was a much improved trade all-round with a good attendance of customers and a very high clearance of lots.

  “Prices for bullocks ranged from an average of €2.35 per kilo up to €2.87. Heifers averaged from €2.31 up to €3.07 per kilo. Dry cows fetched from €1.72 per kilo up to €2.03 per kilo. 

  “This Friday (31st), the mart will host its usual sale for bullocks, heifers and dry cows at 11 am. On Friday, September 7th Roscommon Mart will host a fall/autumn special sale of bullocks as well as heifers and dry cows. Bookings accepted up to 5 pm today (30th).

  “Dates for your diary in September include the weanling show and sale of 2018 calves on Tuesday, September 4th with bookings accepted up to 5 pm today. Also, a show and sale of lambs will take place on Wednesday, September 5th.

  “There were similar numbers on offer at the sheep sale this week. Prices for finished lambs peaked at €104 for 52kgs while store lambs fetched up to €90 and ewe lambs made up to €100.50. There was a similar trade for cast ewes with prices ranging from €30 up to €128.

  “Sales continue each Wednesday at 11 am for lambs and cast ewes. There will be a breeding ewes and hoggets sale this Saturday (1st) at 11 am and a show of pedigree Lleyn sheep at 11.30 am with sale at 1 pm”.

Roscommon Mart sample prices

Dry cows

Lim X 740kgs €1500, Lim X 755kgs €1370, Lim X 690kgs €1330, Lim X 725kgs €1320, Char X 730kgs €1150, Char X 640kgs €1140, ShX 615kgs €1030, HEX 590kgs €975, Lim X 670kgs €950, BBX 640kgs €1050.


Char X 785kgs €1750, Char X 770kgs €1700, 5 Char X 554kgs €1590, 3 Char X 573kgs €1480, Lim 655kgs €1495, 2 Lim X 692kgs €1490, Simm X 670kgs €1510, 2 Lim X 530kgs €1470, 3 Lim X 565kgs €1410, AAX 660kgs €1400, 2 Simm X 592kgs €1385, 3 Char X 568kgs €1300, Char X 495kgs €1300, 3 Char X 468kgs €1220, 4 Lim X 505kgs €1275, Char X 475kgs €1200, 2 Char X 460kgs €1200.


Char X 725kgs €1750, Char X 655kgs €1680, Lim X 605kgs €1570, Lim 620kgs €1570, BAX 595kgs €1500, Lim X 560kgs €1430, 2 Lim 537kgs €1300, Lim X 500kgs €1345, AAX 565kgs €1130, ShX 510kgs €1125, Char X 470kgs €1240, 3 Lim X 480kgs €1100.

Finished lambs

52kgs €104, 47.4kgs €102, 51kgs €101, 47.5kgs €100, 48.9kgs €98.

Ewe lambs

41.6kgs €100.5, 43.2kgs €100, 43.1kgs €100.

Store lambs

40.3kgs €90, 41.9kgs €84.5, 42kgs €84, 40.7kgs €83, 40kgs €82, 38.1kgs  €80.


Manager’s report…Brendan Egan, Castlerea Mart


“Bigger numbers of stock presented for sale this week, and the store trade for both bullocks and heifers is holding firm with good demand on offer in both rings.

  “Weanling numbers are increasing also with good demand for the quality lots while plainer quality weanlings are experiencing a harder sell. The cull cow trade is holding firm also with trade best for the forward lots.

  “Cows with calves at foot made form €1030 to €1390 per head with springers making from €980 to €1360 per head. Young calves made from €100 to €325 per head, with runners making from €290 to €580 for the continental lots.

  “While breeding stock and runners reported good clearances, buyers are becoming more selective with a variance between the plainer lots and the quality stock.

  “Sales continue at Castlerea Mart today (30th) with our usual sale of bullocks, heifers, cows, calves, runners and weanlings. All sales commence at 11 am”.


Castlerea Mart sample prices



Ch 465kgs €1260, Lmx 445kgs €1150, Ch 410kgs €1200, Lm 540kgs €1350, AA 520kgs €1155, BBx 560kgs €1460, Lm 600kgs €1420, Ch 620kgs €1395, Chx 650kgs €1450.


Lmx 420kgs €1150, Ch 405kgs €1105, Lm 420kgs €1000, Ch 490kgs €1175, Ch 490kgs €1175, Ch 450kgs €1160, Lm 600kgs €1545, Lm 575kgs €1465, Lm 410kgs €1430.

Dry cows

Ch 900kgs €1770, Lm 750kgs €1565, Lm 730kgs €1485, Lm 710kgs €1395, Lm 660kgs €1360.

Weanling bulls

Ch 285kgs €850, Lm 275kgs €750, Lm 445kgs €1175, Lm 430kgs €1150, Lm 455kgs €1115, Ch 295kgs €835.

Weanling heifers

Lm 240kgs €635, Lm 360kgs €970, Ch 370kgs €840, Lm 320kgs €830, Lm 300kgs €790.


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