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Launch of Phase 2 of Chestnut Grove, Tulsk

Property Partners Earley are please to announce the launch of phase 2 of Chestnut Grove, Tulsk, Co. Roscommon, this coming Friday and Saturday 4 and 5th July, with the generous incentive of €5,000 furniture voucher available to the first four customers. This highly regarded and attractive development has been carefully crafted with the emphasis on space and usability in mind. These spacious homes are finished to an extremely high standard and incorporate substantial PC allowances to allow the purchaser to obtain their required level of taste and comfort. David Diffley of Property Partners Earley commented, 'This development has proved to be an extremely popular choice with both first time buyers and also people wishing to retire to a community setting, due to the level of affordability on offer. With phase 1 sold out, the second phase offers excellent value with prices at just €159,950 for a superior three-bedroom semi detached home.  The space, finish and value offered in this development by JAC Developments is second to none. Rarely do such affordable homes come to the market with such incentives, and as such, early viewing is advisable.' With something to suit all needs in terms of style and comfort, Chestnut Grove offers the best compromise around for both setting and value. JAC developments are offering excellent choice for internal finishings with something to suit all tastes.  To avail of the special incentive package, make yourself known to the auctioneer on the day to discuss. For more details or to order a brochure, please contact David Diffley at Property Partners Earley Roscommon on (090) 66 26579 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Appointments for earlier viewings can also be made at Property Partners Earley.

Life - it's a drama

Recently I was watching one of my favourite Woody Allen movies 'Melinda & Melinda'. In short, the movie is about human life and claims that life is a comedy and also a tragedy, it just depends which way you look at it. Of course, I agree with that one hundred percent, so I have to give you a few examples. The first thing is really simple. A man is walking in the street and suddenly, without reason, he just falls down. When we see that happen, for example in a 'Hidden Camera' TV programme, this situation can be really funny and we see the funny side. But if the person who has fallen over is someone close to you, or even worse, you are this person, then for sure, it's a tragedy. This may be a rather poor example, but it makes us start thinking about this problem. I wonder if you ever had a life situation which was tragedy and after a while it became a comedy. I have had plenty of such experiences.  First of all, the death of pets and later unhappy teenage crushes. Also, there were the minor emergencies which turned out not to be so serious. The whole of our life is full of tragedies, but if we start looking at them from a different vantage, some of them can be really funny.  Speaking of pets, I have to confess that in my childhood, I killed three pet hamsters. The first ate a piece of lego. The second couldn't breathe during the night, while spending a night in a real bed, under a real pillow. The third one expired after he could no longer endure the smell of chemicals used to clean an aquarium (his home). I am now laughing about these episodes, but at the time they were huge tragedies. Speaking of small everyday tragedies, I must tell you about what happened today. It was like a nightmare. I couldn't find my little key for work. This, for me, was like a scene from a film tragedy. After I finished looking for it in the real places where it should be, I even tried checking the fridge, the dryer and also the iron (because there is a little hole in the iron for water and I thought that maybe it was there). I was walking to work in a very despondent mood, thinking I would have to leave my belongings outside my locker. The comedy came later. This crazy key was hanging on my chest all the time and when I went back home my boyfriend saw the whole mess that I left and asked in a terrified voice if we had been burgled. In conclusion, I have to say that whether an incident is tragic or comic depends on two things, timing and location. Timing because everybody knows that when you are talking about the past, you use rose-tinted glasses. By location, I mean where you are in this situation. But for sure, our lives depends on our way of thinking about these things, what for us is a big tragedy is not necessarily a tragedy for everyone else and this is what makes different people cry for different reasons. Some people cry because it's a comedy, others because it's a tragedy. One thing is for sure, life is a drama. Some people writing comedy, others writing drama, and people like me writing about killing hamsters!

Entertainment News

Race dance double bill this Monday & Tuesday Two of Ireland's best dance acts come to the Abbey Hotel in Roscommon this Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th July. The Race Dance in the Abbey Hotel is now the biggest dancing festival in the West of Ireland. It continues to attract the biggest dance fans from all over Ireland! The fun starts on Monday with Jimmy Buckley and his band providing the entertainment and Robert Mizzell and his band will take to the stage on Tuesday! Doors open at 11 pm, dancing each night from 12 to 2 am. You're a Star finalist in the Coachman's The Coachman's will host You're a Star finalist Mairead O'Dowd on Friday night next, July 4th.  Mairead O' Dowd released her debut single 'Push' on Friday last, June 27th. Having been a member of the infamous Billie Barry Stage School for ten years, a member of girl band Minx and a finalist in You're a Star 2008, 22-year-old Mairead O'Dowd is now to set the charts alive with her debut single 'Push' which will be available for download exclusively from iTunes, downloadmusic.ie and all good download sites. 'Push' is an edgy pop song with impressive lyrics written by Navan native Mairead O'Dowd. Her distinctive voice and undeniable energy and character is sure to set her apart from her peers in the music charts today! Mairead is a self confessed rock chick and cites The Beatles, Cranberries, U2, The Kings of Leon as her main influences with Alanis Morissette her number one idol! While taking part in You're a Star 2008, Mairead's highlight would have to be performing 'Push' in front of a live television audience of 600,000 people and now to release it as her first single has truly made her dreams come true! Mairead's passion for music was evident from a young age and her mother enrolled her in the Billie Barry Stage School at the tender age of seven where she stayed for ten years. Having had such fantastic training behind her Mairead was the chosen one to play Sleeping Beauty in the famous Gaiety Christmas Panto in 2002! It was an Allan Stanford Production in which Frank Kelly played the part of King Jack. In total Mairead performed in 98 shows while part of The Billie Barry Stage School. Mairead states that being part of this particular stage school really helped her grow into the performer she is today. See Mairead at the Coachman's on Friday night next.

Motoring News

Mazda wins Which? award Mazda has scooped the coveted honour of 'Best Carmaker' at the second annual Which? Awards, which recognise the companies and individuals that best serve the interests of consumers. In the closely-fought battle for the prestigious Best Carmaker award, Mazda edged out the previous winner, Toyota, as well as other runners-up Audi, BMW, Honda, and Lexus. In a highly complimentary awards summation, Which? praised Mazda for its: 'blend of excellent value for money, reliability and innovation. A major advantage is that nearly all Mazda offerings are interesting to drive. There's something for everyone in the Mazda range.' 2008 is proving to be a stellar year for Mazda as the accolades keep coming in. The all-new Mazda2 was voted World Car of the Year 2008 with its stylish look, uncompromising safety levels, environmental standards and unique driving experience being cited as reasons for the award. Honda leads the way The FCX Clarity - Honda's advanced hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle - came off the line at the world's first dedicated fuel cell vehicle manufacturing facility in Japan. After 19 years of development, the arrival of this 'real world' fuel cell car marks the beginning of a new era of cleaner motoring. The FCX Clarity - which only emits water from its exhaust pipe - was presented at a line-off ceremony at the Honda Automobile New Model Centre in Tochigi, Japan where Honda also showcased a number of new production processes. Among the early adopters are the actress Jamie Lee Curtis and her filmmaker husband Christopher Guest, and the film producer Ron Yerxa. A new dedicated fuel cell vehicle assembly line has been established at the Honda Automobile New Model Centre, which includes processes unique to a fuel cell vehicle such as the installation of the fuel cell stack and hydrogen tank. Honda Engineering Company Limited produces all fuel cell stacks - also in Tochigi. In manufacturing fuel cells, exclusively-designed automated equipment was introduced to ensure quality of the highest precision while enabling mass production of cells, with several hundred cells required for each fuel cell stack. Through these initiatives, Honda is making steady progress in the area of fuel cell vehicle production as well as to fuel cell and fuel cell vehicle technologies.  Honda is thereby moving closer to realising its goal to enable more wide-spread use of fuel cell vehicles. The FCX Clarity was designed from scratch as a dedicated fuel cell vehicle.  It is powered by the highly compact, efficient and powerful Honda V Flow fuel cell stack. Boasting a low-slung, dynamic and sophisticated appearance made possible by the innovative layout of the fuel cell power plant, the FCX Clarity offers superior design and driving performance as well as environmental responsibility. Lease sales are scheduled to begin in July in the US and in the autumn in Japan.The combined sales plan for Japan and the US is for a few dozen units within a year and about 200 units within three years.  Additionally, the FCX Clarity will be exhibited at the G* Hokkaido Tokyo Summit to begin on July 7th, as one of a group of advanced environmental technologies. Sharing the road with cyclists Rising petrol costs have encouraged soaring cycle sales - so we are seeing cyclists on the roads with many different levels of experience. This presents issues for drivers; we need to take extra care to judge their speed - as well as the road and weather conditions - from the new cyclist's point of view. Remember too that some cyclists, particularly younger ones, have never driven a car, and so don't recognise the problems that they can cause car drivers. In an accident involving a car and a cyclist, whoever is to blame the cyclist will always be the more vulnerable to a serious injury. These tips for motorists were prepared by the Institute of Advanced Motorists with the National Cycling Strategy Board to avoid adding to the many cyclists killed or seriously injured each year.

Providing alternative sources of energy feature ...

Make your home much more energy efficient Make your home more energy efficient and make sure you get the best from your oil or solid fuel heating with an air leakage test on your home by Energy Focus. The Ballaghaderreen-based company specialise in conducting an air pressurisation test which shows up where the heat is being lost in your home. When conducting the test, all of the vents are sealed up, including chimneys. A fan is then set up at the front door, which depressurises the house and every hour ten times the volume of air in the house passes through the house. This shows up where the heat is being lost. Smoke tests are also carried out at windows and trapdoors, which show up any draughts. Faulty trapdoors will not only cause significant heat loss, they could also cause problems for asthmatics, with fibreglass fragments making their way into the household air. There are multiple benefits to having the test carried out. It will tell you where you are losing heat and pinpoint the windows, sockets and pipes under sinks where the heat is being lost.  By dealing with these areas of heat loss, you can save on the amount of oil or fuel necessary to heat your house and there are significant savings to be made in the long run. The test takes about four hours to conduct and costs €300 plus VAT. An initial reading will be available as soon as the test is conducted, but it will be a few days before the full report is prepared. An energy score of ten is very poor, seven is the average. Five is considered very good, while a house with a score of three is considered a passive house. Bringing a house's rating down from ten to seven, would result in significant savings on oil. To arrange an air pressurisation test with Energy Focus, simply call (087) 4180878. Get an A rated energy home built on your site If you want an A rated energy home built on your own site, then pick up the phone and call Micom Construction at (087) 2255457. Micom Construction uses eco-friendly concrete building systems to build A rated energy homes. The homes are built using double insulated concrete structures and feature suspended concrete floors. The insulated roof system employed by Micom Construction makes full use of your attic, but keeps your oil bill as low as possible. The houses built using this eco-friendly system have up to 75 percent lower costs, by using the very latest in German heat recovery and ventilation systems. A showhouse built by Micom Construction, using eco friendly concrete building systems, is available to view in Castlerea. To arrange a viewing, call Michael on (087) 2255457. July is Energy Month at 4Home Superstores Carrick-on-Shannon To celebrate the launch of the Renew iT Energy Hot Spot at 4Home Superstores Carrick-on-Shannon, July has been officially announced as Energy Month. The Renew iT Energy Hot Spot is a one-stop-shop run by Co. Roscommon based renewable energy company Renew iT Energy Solutions and energy consultants Energy Matters. Sample products and services available in-store include Building Energy Ratings, Home & Business Energy Audits including thermal imaging and air tightness testing, Solar Water Heating Systems, Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems, and Alurad High Efficiency Radiators.  Recognising the increasing energy costs of home and business owners, Energy Month at 4Home Superstores Carrick-on-Shannon will provide customers with information on how to reduce their energy costs for existing and new houses and businesses. Activities will involve a series of Saturday information seminars from 2-4pm on energy efficiency and renewable energy for the home renovator, self-builder and business owner. In addition, there will be an evening seminar on July 10th from 6-8pm specifically for architects, engineers, plumbers, and building contractors.  And what celebration would be complete without a sale! Throughout Energy Month, any customer who references 4Home Superstores Carrick-on-Shannon and places a deposit on a 4m² or 6m² Solar Water Heating System will receive an unbelievable €500 cash back. In addition, Energy Matters will run a draw and offer one lucky homeowner a detailed free home energy survey from one of Energy Matters trained engineers.  The survey will be arranged at the homeowner's convenience and will include recommendations for the most cost effective solutions to improve the energy efficiency of the home and advice on available grant support.  The total value of the prize to each winner is €600. Any home owner who wishes to enter the draw can complete the entry form at the Energy Hot Spot at 4Home Superstore in Carrick-on-Shannon. And finally, for those wanting to easily improve the thermal performance of their home or building, 4Home are offering 25% off light bulbs while stocks last and 10% discount on all purchases of the new ThermaWrap Insulation while stocks last! ThermaWrap is perfect for handy DIY installation.  So if you are thinking about energy efficiency in your home or business, there is no need to go further in July than a visit to 4Home Superstores Carrick-on-Shannon. There will be an advisor at the Hot Spot every Monday 5-6pm, Thursday 5-7pm, and for Energy Month, there will also be an advisor available each Saturday from 10am to 4pm. If you would like to arrange an on-site visit, quotation, or consultation outside these hours you can contact Renew iT directly on 094 9621921. About Renew iT Energy Solutions Established in 2006, Renew iT Energy Solutions based in Castlerea are a leading supplier of renewable energy and energy efficient products on the Irish market. Renew iT provide the complete solution to the renewable energy needs of both homeowners and building contractors. Their exclusive product range includes Alurad High Efficiency Designer radiators which reduce the water content of central heating systems by over 50% and are half the size of conventional radiators with the same heat output. Perfect for a geothermal heating system. The Orcon Heat Recovery Ventilation system is distributed and installed nationwide, and is one of the most efficient and advanced on the marketplace. Renew iT also supply the Solartek range of solar panels and Waterway Twin-Way solar piping to both homeowners and plumbers. As part of current expansion Renew iT are training installers on their Orcon Heat Recovery Ventilation system and all those interested in becoming a registered installer should contact Renew iT directly on 094 9621921. About Energy Matters Energy Matters offer the support and superior service of one of Ireland's leading independent building energy consultancy, servicing both the domestic, non-domestic, new and existing building markets.  With offices in Dublin, Galway and Cork, Energy Matters offer a nationwide service.   Clients range from construction companies, county councils, business owners to home owners.  Energy Matters offer a range of services from design and specification for energy efficiency, implementation on site, specialised testing such as thermal imaging & air tightness testing, energy profiling and building fabric analysis.  Energy Matters will also identify available grant support and offer application and coordination services. Energy Matters are the first trained domestic Building Energy Rating (BER) Assessors in Ireland for both new and and now also existing dwellings. Energy Matters also have the distinction of designing, testing and officially certifying the first A-rated houses in Ireland.   Design a whole-house system for your home with My Energy Design a whole-house system with My Energy to ensure that your energy bills are kept to a minimum. With rising fuel prices, solar panels, pellet boilers systems and wind turbines are alternative energy systems that are being considered by many householders.  One man who is able to answer all your questions on renewable energy for your home is Cyril McKeon of My Energy in Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim. My Energy has two divisions, a thermal or heating division and an electrical division. The thermal division specialises in providing pellet boilers, and solar panel systems for domestic, small industrial and recreational hot water. They also supply wood pellets. The electrical division specialises in the creation and delivery of electricity micro systems. Photovoltaic cells and wind turbines are the main elements in the delivery of a system which allows you to create a stable supply of electricity to service your house, farm, small industry or workshop. Wind turbines cost between €5,000 and €10,000 and Cyril is hoping that householders will receive credit for the electricity they supply to the national grid from next year, Householders with a wind turbine remain connected to the ESB, which is useful as a back-up service. 'At night time the wind turbine is creating electricity and that can be sent back to the national grid,' said Cyril. The photovoltaic cells, which take solar energy and transfer it to electricity, cost between €10,000 and €12,000. My Energy specialises in designing whole house systems for heating and electricity and Cyril pointed out that running costs for pellet boilers are now less than half the cost of oil, for example a household which uses €1,000 of oil would use €450 worth of pellets. Grants are also available for pellet boilers and solar panels. Contact Cyril McKeon at My Energy, Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim on (086) 8281412 or visit www.my-energy.ie As fuel prices soar

Lough Ree Environmental Summer School and Arts Festival

The Lough Ree Environmental Summer School and Arts Festival, now in its 11th year, will take place in Lanesboro from 10th to 13th July. A unique event, which takes place in the surrounds of the picturesque Lanesboro/Ballyleague area. The Summer School down through the years has grown in significance. The remit is to increase awareness among locals and visitors with regard to our local environment through field trips and seminars. The Summer School has become one of the most important festivals of its kind on the island of Ireland. Each year a theme is explored and this year the theme in 'Air'. The school is open to everyone, even those with just a passing interest in the environment. It now attracts visitors from all over Ireland as well as an increasing international audience. Over the years, the school has developed a core of repeat visitors who return each summer to sample new additions to our programme as well as partake in the old favourites. On Saturday 12th of July, Dick Warner, Eanna Ni Lamhna, Richard Collins and Dr. Harmon Murtagh will research our waterways, woodlands and bird life. You can take a trip with Dick Warner north on the River Shannon, passing under the Bord na Mona bridge on which the peat is transported from the west of the power station. The boat will travel on to Tarmonbarry, through the locks and then return. Along the way, you will learn about the bird life and angling on this part of the river. You can explore the local Thureen Bog with Eanna Ni Lamhna. The way into the bog is along a tree-lined track that is home to a range of wild flora and butterflies, while the bog itself offers a rich environment for sphagnum mosses, lichens, insect-eating plants and rare flowering plants. Dr. Harmon Murtagh will take you on a visit by rigid inflatable boat to Inch Cleraun to view the ruins of six churches, with early Christian Romanesque and Gothic features. Other remains include an extensive monastic enclosure, a cloister and significant field works. Lanesboro is home to many bird species in summer. You can take a field trip to the nearby woodlands and the reedbeds along the banks of the Shannon with Richard Collins. As we face the challenge of increased energy demands, rising food costs and plummeting house prices, each community must calibrate to form a solution to our exhaustive standard of living. The Rathcline Sustainable Projects Group presents its unique Energy and CO2 Minimisation Project on 12 existing dwellings in the community. The heritage night will be full of fun with Paddy Egan from Glanmore, Kenagh, Co. Longford as he separates the cream from the milk and throws in a joke here and there. On Sunday evening, the Summer School will close with a céili in the Lough Ree Arms from 6 - 9 pm. Music by the great Anally Céili Band. There is much, much more so don't miss this unique event. Come along and take part in the 11th Lough Ree Environmental Summer School and Arts Festival. Should you require any further information, or if you need a brochure, please call the Co-Op, Lanesboro on (043) 27070.

Leisure Centre information night at Abbeyfield Hotel, Ballaghaderreen

The Clonalis Suite in the Abbeyfield Hotel Conference and Leisure Centre played host to a very successful information night on Friday, 20th of June. Hundreds of guests were greeted by the sound of music that could not but inspire the masses to partake in the fun and energetic demo classes on show. 'Health, Fun and Fitness' was the theme of the night and this was undoubtedly achieved to great effect. Complimentary food and beverages were on offer for guests, as they slowly made their way from station to station where an array of demonstrations of the Leisure Centres facilities were on show for all to behold, as was the AMT - Adaptive Motion Trainer. This was just a sample of the state of the art equipment soon to be on show in this excellent facility, of which, Cuan Leisure Centre can proudly boast to being only the second centre in Ireland to have such an exceptional piece of equipment, and more importantly not one but two in its facility. The GAEA Spa displayed a range of the 'organic products' it will be using, while leisure centre instructors provided energetic demo classes ranging from 'Exercise to Music', to Bums, Tums and Thighs! The friendly and qualified staff took the opportunity to promote the complementary programmes made available to signed members, each one to be specifically designed and tailored to cater for the needs and wants of the individual in question - whether it be desired weight loss to muscle gain. Raffle As the night passed on, guests awaited eagerly the results of the raffle with top prizes including, a three-month all-inclusive gym membership, a spa treatment (Hot Stone Massage) and a dinner for two in Oscar's restaurant.  First prize of three months gym membership was won by Attila Menyhart, second prize of a dinner for two in Oscar's restaurant was won by Frank Neary, while the third prize of a hot stone massage was won by Mary Regan. The evening was wrapped up accordingly with the Abbeyfield Hotel Management thanking Union Foods and Britvic for sponsoring the food and refreshments, its dedicated staff for an excellent effort, and finally all guests who attended, whom many of which left as newly signed members of what promises to be a fantastic new facility and major addition to the town.

Harney meeting postponed

A meeting which had been arranged with the Minister for Health Mary Harney for Wednesday 25th of June to discuss the Mayo/Roscommon Hospice Foundation's plans to develop a Hospice Unit in Roscommon, has been postponed. Cynthia Clampett, CEO of the Foundation said: 'We are very disappointed that the meeting had to be postponed but we understood the Minister had to attend an urgent meeting abroad. We are pleased that an alternate date for a meeting has been arranged for the 22nd of July.' In 2007 the Foundation worked closely with HSE West to produce the 'Business Cases' for the development of an eight-bed palliative care level 2 support unit in Roscommon and a 14-bed specialist Level 3 unit in Mayo. The HSE issued letters of approval and sanction for both the Roscommon and Mayo Units in January of this year. The two units will cost almost €22 million to build. The Foundation has agreed to fund 50 percent of the building costs. In May the HSE withdrew approval for the Hospice Unit in Roscommon. Since then the Foundation has been trying every avenue in an effort to have the HSE's decision overturned. The Foundation is determined to develop the Hospice Units in both Roscommon and Mayo. The Unit in Roscommon was originally proposed as a level 2 support Unit because at that time the Foundation did not have a choice. They had to work within national guidelines as outlined in the Report of the National Advisory Committee on Palliative Care. The guidelines dictated that the existing Galway Hospice was to be the hub of the service. The Mayo Unit was to be the Satellite Specialist Unit and only one Satellite Specialist Unit was allowed in each Health Board area. The number of beds and level of specialty was based on population. The new HSE National Directive now decrees that all Palliative Care funding over the next five years is to be directed exclusively towards Level 3 services only. Cynthia Clampett said: 'This decision by the HSE is hugely unfair and very divisive. It will effectively deprive vulnerable sick people in Roscommon of Hospice beds for more than another decade. It is devastating news for all our supporters but especially for the people of Roscommon.' The Foundation had been very careful not to raise the people's expectations prematurely but once they received official written confirmation of approval for the two units they were confident about going public and commence fundraising for the projects. Cynthia Clampett said: 'The Foundation values the people of the two counties equally and to date we have developed services in an equitable manner. The people of Roscommon are asking where the €4 million allocated for their Unit has gone? They have every right to feel cheated and undervalued by the State and we will do everything in our power to right that wrong. The reality is there would be no Palliative Care service in Roscommon or Mayo without Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation.' Cynthia went on to say: 'Hospice and Palliative Care Services are seriously under developed nationally and there is an irrefutable need for additional Hospice beds. The Irish Hospice Foundation highlighted the old WHB region, as needing an accelerated programme of investment. When we meet with the Minister on the 22nd of July the Foundation will be making a strong case to have the Roscommon Unit upgraded to a Level 3 Specialist Unit.  We have a letter dated 21st May 2007 from Brian Lenihan, the then Minister for State for the Department of Health and Children, which states that matched capital funding will be provided for the development of Palliative Care/Hospice Units in Mayo and Roscommon during the lifetime of this Government. 'The good news is that the seven-day home care service is working extremely well. The specialist palliative home care team working in cooperation with the HSE Primary Care Team provide an excellent service for patients in their own homes, in hospitals and nursing homes through our the two counties. 'The Foundation wish to assure the people that they will do everything in their power to ensure that appropriate in-patient services are developed for Palliative Care patients in both Roscommon and Mayo.'

News at a Glance 1

Mullooly to launch Brideswell NS fundraising drive President-elect of Roscommon Lions Club and RTE Midlands correspondent will launch a major fundraising drive for Brideswell National School on Saturday night next. A provider of education in South Roscommon for more than one hundred years, Brideswell School is now embarking on a major building programme this year due to growing numbers. The aim is to build a much-needed extra classroom for its infant classes. The project has been partially funded by the Department of Education and Science but the school also needs to raise in the region of €40,000 in order to complete the building of the new classroom. The school's major fundraising drive centres on a benefit race night at Mullingar Greyhound Stadium. The tickets will allow every buyer admission into the races plus entry into a prize-draw, with the main prize being a holiday worth more than a €1000. The support of every household in the Brideswell area is now being sought and all money raised from tickets sales will go directly towards helping to ensure the new classroom is completed. The school is delighted that Ciaran Mullooly will launch the fundraising drive in Hamrock's Bar, Brideswell on Saturday night next July 5th at 10.30 pm. Better Ireland winners announced Fourmilehouse Community Playgroup and the Phoenix Youth Centre in Castlerea are both to receive €10,000, after they were revealed as the county winners in the AIB Better Ireland Programme this week. A total of 308,011 votes were registered by the general public across Ireland from 6th May to 6th June, with 51,675 votes registered by the public in Connaught. Both the winning and runner-up groups will receive the proceeds from the text votes registered for their groups (after operator charges and VAT). Runner-up projects will also receive an additional top-up donation from AIB, in recognition of the huge efforts they put in to their local campaigns.  The project with the second highest number of votes will receive a top-up of €300, while the project with the third highest votes will receive a top-up of €200.  Niall Mellon Fundraiser in Athleague  There is a fundraiser taking place in aid of the Niall Mellon Township project in Hamrocks of Athleague on Friday 4th July. There is a B.B.Q. and raffle on the night which promises to be a fun occasion for all concerned.   Tickets for the event are reasonably priced at €20 and there are a host of excellent prizes up for grabs including a L.C.D. 32 inch T.V and weekends away to different parts of the country.   There should be a great atmosphere on the night. Donamon Dynamos The National Road Race Championships took place in Middleton, Co. Cork on Sunday last. The National Time Trial Championships were held on Friday in Newcastle West, Limerick. The junior time trial was over a distance of 24km and was won by Sean Downey in 31 mins 40 secs, Marcus Christy was second in 32 mins 20 secs and in third place was Michael Duffy of Donamon Dynamos Ruby Oil in 33 mins 12 secs. Sean Moylett, also of Donamon Dynamos, finished in 6th position while Tomas Feeley took 9th position.   The road race on Sunday consisted of 7 laps of a 10 mile circuit. 25 juniors participated on a very tough course. The team was well represented by Michael Duffy, Tomas Feeley and Sean Moylett. Sean finished in 9th place, Tomas in 10th place but Michael unfortunately did not finish. All three lads will now take part in the Junior Tour of Ireland from the 8th to the 13th of July in the West of Ireland.
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